Hi all, due to the fact that Caltex 98 has gone "premium", is it still worth pumping Caltex 98? I would like to hear valuable feekback from all drivers.

Just some history, from day 1, early 2007, I ...

4 Oct 2010
WD45 Shell 98 worked for me. I actually got more mileage per tank by 15% more on average from the 2nd tank onwards.

I've heard good things about caltex, but not having an OCBC credit card discouraged m...
4 Oct 2010
2 reasons why i choose Caltex.

1) Nearest to my house
2) Used to have 12.1% discount and once awhile $2 ~ $5 voucher. However, now only 11% for HSBC and OCBC
4 Oct 2010
Evan Shell works for me as well in terms of savings. I think the major draw for pumping a brand could just be as simple as the credit card tie up. I also pump SPC before it gives decent savings via my P...
4 Oct 2010
Malcolm For the majority of us who drive NA / non-performance cars, I think 98 plays to the Kiasu Singaporean psyche tempting drivers with so called performance improvements. In reality, perhaps yours diff...
5 Oct 2010
sunnytan31 Mine was lancer 2007 manual but the sticker on the fuel door stated Octane 95+, meaning anything above 95? Maybe 70% of 95 and 30% of 98. Lolx...

However, I do agree 98 is recommended for performanc...
6 Oct 2010
wilswong The simplest is just to pump what the car needs. If it says 92 is the lowest, then get 92 and maintain it as long as possible. Putting in 98 or even the premiums, the driver will feel the lag is ...
7 Oct 2010
WD45 Agree with wilswong about the additives. Vpower, Techron, names like these indicate additives to improve performance or to "clean" the engine. Octane levels is just the measure of how readily the f...
9 Oct 2010
Hyundai i45 2.0 GLS (A)

With the i45, Hyundai makes a fresh new start to compete with the likes of the ubiquitous Camry.

1 May 2010

"Formerly posted by WindTurbine:
Oh, I remembered reading an article of the Stellar about 20 years ago that the author mentioned it mimic the silhouette of a Maserati Quattroporte of ...
4 May 2010
Marag What does the stellar look like?
4 May 2010
You will find the Stellar image online.. just google it, but most of the pictures online are run-down examples.

on the italdesign website, you will be able to find a pic which was taken when the car...
5 May 2010
wilswong Stellar...looked like 80s Accord...:)
6 May 2010
cayman_s What 'Stella Performance"? Don't see any content say anything having any relevance to the title. A weak link to the original Stella? Why not title it "The Stella Lineage"?

Personally, I think th...
8 May 2010

"Formerly posted by cayman_s: What 'Stella Performance"? Don't see any content say anything having any relevance to the title. A weak link to the original Stella? Why not title it "The ...
8 May 2010
vinceyeo either I am blind or I also cannot see what is wrong with the pictures taken. Quite good in fact mah...
9 May 2010
cayman_s In your own words, you said "The styling is questionable - you either like it or loathe it but in many other aspects, there's many to like about the i45 as a large family saloon". I too said that i...
10 May 2010
Malcolm The price of the i45 is hard to justify against the camry, so is the idea of buying a Korean against a Japanese made car. Hyundai (and Kia) have made big strides in design in my opinion.
11 May 2010
Buying guide after May round 1 COE bidding

Prices of COEs have dropped once again after the last bidding round this week. Our guide here depict the models that have the biggest price slash after ...

7 May 2010
Malcolm Hi Raymond, just a feedback, perhaps you can also talk about the popular cars too or the ones that are not too good to buy during this period?
11 May 2010
raymondlai hi malcolm, i'll give it a tinker on how it can be done. MTA don't release sales numbers every other week and it's hard to get hold the figures but we can certainly do annual, or six-monthly round ...
15 May 2010
Nissan 370Z Roadster (A)

With the 370Z Roadster, you can enjoy open motoring without the loss of the coupe's fun factor

9 May 2010
sickbrendan Does it have the brembos? Or like previous 350 cabrio, it was missing the brembos. We need more photos of the brakes guys!

Thanks for the article!
10 May 2010

"Formerly posted by sickbrendan: Does it have the brembos? Or like previous 350 cabrio, it was missing the brembos. We need more photos of the brakes guys! Thanks for the article!"

10 May 2010
Malcolm I see 'em grey ones... Good to know that the open top doesn't suffer from rigidity problems. Keep up the good work!
11 May 2010
edlaz The 370Z was designed to be a cabrio to begin with and Nissan engineers seem to have done a really good job with structural integrity! I personally don't fancy the "fangs" on the front bumper but e...
12 May 2010
WD45 I've got a bit of a problem with it's heightened rear-end, either that the rear-suspension is set up a tad high to not look as sleek as it should. It's probably so because of the added weight when ...
13 May 2010
Volkswagen Eos with New Exclusive Equipment Package

The Eos can now be ordered with an exclusive equipment package.

Known as “Volkswagen Exclusive”, it includes two-tone nappa leather combinatio...

7 May 2010
Malcolm This package is available here at VW singapore?
7 May 2010
COE News: Premiums fall by average of $3,000

Things look like they are cooling down for COE prices.

In the first round of bidding For May that ended today, Cat A COE premiums fell to $26,102, do...

6 May 2010
Malcolm A little breather for new car shoppers...
6 May 2010
geraldwong waste time...
6 May 2010

"Formerly posted by geraldwong: waste time..."

Waste time going down to the showrooms?
7 May 2010
wilswong @Malcolm...still can go down some more because the demand is not that great in the first place.

@Gerald...at that kind of price, I agree that going down to the showroom is not going to attract a...
7 May 2010
Hi Bros,

anyone knows any street directory with pages in around A4 size and thickness of around a magazine?

I used to have one which is by Mighty Minds but that was a year 2000 maps.

Anyone knows any ...

30 Mar 2010
steven_VW Hi akomono,

I do see most of the usual bookstores (those bigger one) and petrol stations selling road directories (yes, published by Mighty Minds) but I am not sure if that is what you are looking f...
31 Mar 2010
ifconfig i know if you have an iPad, you can use that to access OneMap.sg and walaa, you have the latest maps always on-hand.
1 Apr 2010
wilswong ifconfig...thanks for head up...the issue is, am not fond of apple's overpriced, under spec stuff.

On first glance, look kind of like google map except for the colour scheme.  I also wonder how it s...
1 Apr 2010
ifconfig indeed, an overpriced under-spec piece of equipment. personally, I don't even own an iphone yet. :p

but the mainstream laptop aka macbook is definitely one that worth every penny for the functionali...
1 Apr 2010
akomono thanks bro for all the replies...

went around bookstores and managed to see 2 maps...mighty minds and venues...mighty minds are the best so far...
cos they have 4 versions for 2010 in fact...the pock...
1 Apr 2010
wilswong The A3 size has a lot of good use especially for old drivers and you may have noticed, when we try to look at map and drive, the bigger the map the better. Issue is that the publisher did not give ...
1 Apr 2010
Mine is 2008 version pocket size.....for my car door pocket.....
1 Apr 2010
steven_VW Time to change, fpchong......

3 Apr 2010
Malcolm What I like about mighty minds is the colour coding of the roads and features. There's another brand I saw (can't remember) at 7-11 which is A4 sized, but not as thin as a magazine.
18 Apr 2010
Buying guide for April round 1 COE

Prices of COEs have been relentlessly increasing but our guide here proves that there are still some good buys to be had after the price adjustments this week

9 Apr 2010
jasontang Suzuki 1.5A at $73500 is the best buy IMO for now
16 Apr 2010
Malcolm Hard to imagine the Mazda 3 hatch is close to a 100k now! Miss the low COE days.
18 Apr 2010
Honda Civic 1.8 VTi-S (A) vs Volkswagen Jetta 1.4 TSI (A)

The venerable and ubiquitous Civic faces a credible threat from Europe in the form of the increasingly popular Volkswagen Jetta. Can the ...

17 Mar 2010
zeenie Agree totally with the conclusion!! =) Aside from the usual Conti vs Jap arguments, my two cents:

Some like to get cars that are more common = easier to find spare parts, more mechanics are fami...
19 Mar 2010
sohboonguan Jetta vs Civic...
Nice Twin Test...
Most probably the next most impressive car after RX8 in Cat A segment.
Beat Civic is most aspect...
Save some on COE, Road Tax, and Insurance...
If talking ...
28 Mar 2010
greenvivio "noise is very well insulated from the cabin, especially for a Honda." may I know what is the reviewer's basis for drawing such a remark, any sound level meter used in order to draw an objective me...
29 Mar 2010

"Formerly posted by greenvivio: "noise is very well insulated from the cabin, especially for a Honda." may I know what is the reviewer's basis for drawing such a remark, any sound level...
29 Mar 2010
Malcolm VW has the branding edge. But when it comes to reliability in the long run, I'll take the Honda!
18 Apr 2010
Errand I test drove the Jetta a while back, it feels rather "heavy" while taking the corners, but the engine is superb. Couldn't drive it more aggressively without the SE raising eyebrows... As for quietn...
21 Apr 2010
terceltan My 2009 Jetta 1.4 TSI broken down twice in the first year.. But has been doing fine since the last problem..

*keeping my finger crossed*

Having said that.. the car has been fantastic to drive...
7 Mar 2011
Hyundai i30 Scoops Top Car Award

Hyundai isn’t just turning sales charts on their heads – the company has now caused shockwaves by winning another satisfaction and reliability survey.

The i30 sh...

16 Apr 2010
Malcolm i30 is the under-rated car here in sg. The price is abit high when it was introduced.
18 Apr 2010
Twin test: Chevrolet Aveo5 1.4 (A) vs. Kia Rio 1.4 (A)

Cheap and decent are hard to come by at today's COE prices. We compare two of the most decent and relatively painless to buy Korean compact ...

15 Apr 2010
Malcolm Hard to justify the prices for new cars now. But if I have to choose, the Aveo will be my pick
18 Apr 2010

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