See what the team wants this festive season! Holiday Special: All I want for Christmas...
It's Christmas once again and the spirit of giving and sharing is in the air. Hence oneshift ...

21 Dec 2009
Twin test: Mazda5 2.0 (A) vs. Toyota Wish 2.0 (A)

The Toyota Wish has always had its own way in the MPV market thanks to its unprecedented popularity. We find out if the capable Mazda5 has got wh...

28 Nov 2009
oohlins the motorised sliding doors are a great convenience to have.... easier to get in and out
29 Nov 2009
Mike_oneshift I am in my mid 50’s, a veteran driver with 37 years, well knowledgeable on engine parts and aftermarket enhancement devices and a passion with enhancing my cars engine performance.

I recently v...
6 Feb 2010
Comparo - Renault Clio R27 2.0 (M), Honda Civic Type-R 2.0 (M)

So which one do you reckon, will be THE hot-hatch you should get for less than $110k? C.K decided to give this question the answer -...

12 Aug 2009
eugn86 Great choice! R27 is the way to go man!
12 Aug 2009
kkchai Hmmm I go for Jap.
12 Aug 2009
oohlins the JDM CTR is better choice for a comparison.....
12 Aug 2009
ck2718 oohlins: Sure we all know the JDM CTR is essentially a trackday car in disguise but we're talking hot hatches here in this comparo.
13 Aug 2009
eugn86 JDM CTR is unforgiving compared to British CTR. Jap CTR has almost no sound insulation so it's very noisy, and the suspension is harder. Drive long distance like on NS-Highway will be a torture! Br...
13 Aug 2009
azfar hmm...that's a good point. will consider that for the next Comparo.
13 Aug 2009
domino88 I'll rather read about who is the best workshop in Singapore to tune the best "Hot Hatches". That will be more interesting.
16 Aug 2009
ifconfig i will be interested to read who has driven their rides for 10 years.
16 Aug 2009
Ferrari 458 Italia

The 458 Italia is the latest incarnation of the mid-rear engined berlinetta and will be unveiled at the next Frankfurt Motor Show.

All-new Ferrari
While it's true that every ...

29 Jul 2009
Evan beautiful lines....
29 Jul 2009
zeenie i daresay one of the most beautiful ferraris created....
29 Jul 2009
peaceracer The engine is a masterpiece...
29 Jul 2009
LMLP640 Hope it will make it into production one day
29 Jul 2009
WindTurbine Makes the California looks like a Over-fed kid. This certainly has the elegant lines to make it an instant classic.

I think the next departure in the styling department is to make a Ugly ferrar...
30 Jul 2009
WD45 The best looking Ferrari yet IMHO. 488... How about 468?
30 Jul 2009
oohlins awesome...... i was wondering if they could make something more beautiful than the f430 and they can...
30 Jul 2009
ifconfig from the top view, it doesn't look too much different from the current model. but definitely a nice car to own and drive; if one can afford.
31 Jul 2009
can anyone advise the specs for the following :

225 x 45 x R17

1, Goodyear
2. Bridgestone
3. Continenat
4. Michellin 
5. Perilli

i went to Autobac and found  no. 5 Perilli , 4 pcs for S$ 1496 which i th...

6 May 2009
Scirocco GT24 captures two class wins at Nürburgring 24hrs

The Volkswagen Scirocco GT24s powered by natural gas and petrol engines have mastered the world's most difficult circuit marathon, by cl...

27 May 2009
oohlins haha so now tell us how much will the scirroco r is going to sell for...?
28 May 2009

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29 Mar 2009
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