Hi all

I m looking for a car camera that can records like a black box. If there want that had dual functions with motion sensoring motoring too ?

Hope some good guys can suggest.

5 May 2009
Evan Hi rafflesdude, do you mean that the camera records 24/7 or just under shock/accidents, etc. interior or exterior?
7 May 2009
rafflesdude Hi Eber,

yeah 24/7 like a black box...i went many places...cant find. think singapore too many car vandals...
7 May 2009
phiber Interested in this camera?



I can get it cheap.. it comes with a 12V DC power supply, but u can ...
7 May 2009
neutral Interesting product, may I know how much is it?
7 May 2009
phiber Got 2 versions with different resolution

$398 for VGA
$498 for 2MP

Both at C&C with warranty by local distro.. ZMC

But i can get it cheaper if really keen, pm me..
7 May 2009
Evan wah lobang so fast come already... haha

Rafflesdude, this is what you looking for?
7 May 2009

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