ahtan have reviewed MINI Cooper S Countryman (A)
I love the way the car looks. The countryman has a meaner look to it than more traditional Minis. The wheel arches, height and front grill gives it a more aggresive look.

The dash is pretty similliar to other Minis but the countryman has so much more space for rear passeng...
21 Jan 2011
baba181 I guess thats the prob many would have with it... it isn't a kart anymore...
26 Jan 2011
WD45 Just too bad then...
26 Jan 2011
edlaz I suppose it begs the question: Where is the line where mini aint so mini any more?
27 Jan 2011
Quaigon Well Mini has to keep innovating to keep itself fresh. I will be surprised if they produce a sedan!
28 Jan 2011
ahtan Yup, everyone is branching out now... even ferrari with it's FF
28 Jan 2011

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