Road Test - Kia Magentis 2.0 (A)

Kia reintroduces its large sedan to hopefully interest buyers who wants something bigger than the Cerato Forte. Under that handsome skin, what else can the Magent...

26 May 2009
genes Wow, a critical review. I'm glad the reviewer is honest about the car. It just shows that a more upmarket car in the family line-up is not necessary as talented as the younger brother.
Other than ...
27 May 2009
BabyN I went to testdrive the Magentis 2 weeks ago and i was very impressed with the ride and handling that I booked it immediately. It is comparable to most of the more expensive rivals that I tsetdrove...
27 May 2009
magzk Yes!! feels good to see a review that is critical about a car, first time on Oneshift I guess. I used to go bonkers reading all nicely written reviews here on China made cars!
27 May 2009
domino88 I must agree it is a reasonably good critical review. Though I feel is a little too local with a rather large portion of it focus on the interior and exterior design, etc.

I would like to know more...
27 May 2009
wind79 I disagree with this review as I testdrive the Magentis recently and I was surprised with the quality of korean cars these days. No wonder the Avante is hitting the market hard...

Anyway, the r...
28 May 2009
jj_princess I have started paying more attention to Kia ever since the Forte launch. And with this new Magentis, I thought Kia has really improved!
Went down to the showroom last weekend w my husband and he t...
28 May 2009
azfar Hi everyone,

Thank you for all the comments, and am glad to see that everyone can accept this review by Raymond Lai in a neutral manner. Well some of the comments are contrary to what Raymond me...
28 May 2009
wilswong Honestly, 'test drive' for a reviewer and a normal customer will not be the same as well. As a reviewer may have extended period of time to really test out the car in different settings, road cond...
1 Jul 2009

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