Hi all

Like to know where a reliable place to service suzuki swift?
Is there authorised servicing centers? If not where will you recommend?

I'm a 1st time car owner, dont know much abt car even less ...

18 Feb 2010
Evan Hi Ellipses, I serviced at Champion, Star J and some mom/pop garage before. There's really no one best one partly because the car is reliable and doesn't give me much problems. However, out of the ...
18 Feb 2010

my IU unit kept dropping off. I asked my fellow car owners..they wasnt very sure who to call exactly (none hv such problem). The gel doesnt stick any more.

do i call Viacom or any IU cent...

20 Dec 2009
steven_VW Hi ellipses,

Don't worry, it is just the sticky tape that has worn. If you are near Viacom or STA, check with them if they can replace those tapes, not sure if they charge for that, but I do not thi...
20 Dec 2009
ifconfig my charges are cheaper than STA/LTA to replace the tapes. perhaps we should have a group buy on sticky tapes :p
20 Dec 2009
wilswong i guess the 3M is pretty ok.  There are the glass/transparent type as well which is pretty strong. Don't think need the pressure there constantly lah.
21 Dec 2009

Thnaks you all!
Happy holidays

21 Dec 2009
Quick call 911.. hahaha..
Juz replace w/ 3m double-sided tape shld do the trick
30 Dec 2009
ellipses Hi all
just a follow up (FYI)
I drove down the viacom and they replaced it FOC. Unfortunately that day they was a queue but they fastern it pretty quickly as the Q got longer and the waiters got imp...
3 Jan 2010
hi all

i got the swift as my first new car and has been driving it for 2months. One thing has been on my mind for sometime which i didnt noticed when i test drove the car (2 times). I noticed ...

10 Oct 2009
kkchai Maybe some part(s) is not tighten? Get a check up?
11 Oct 2009
Hi all

newbie here, and have never own a car before. Looking to get a car. Cant decide to get a new car or a second hand one...Hope your guys can help. Cost is definitely a concern yet i like to get...

7 Jun 2009
jasontang old bird means old bird...you the can.
12 Jun 2009

"Formerly posted by steven_VW: Hi ellipses,

Welcome to the Oneshift family, enjoy your stay.

I think you have done a good job here in terms of the ground works before you make any commitm...
14 Jun 2009
Oh yeah i forgot to add i really like Hyundai Avante1.5, i tried Forte as well but the engine was too noisy for my liking (enuff of noisy Mit Lancer Ex!)... my frenz are greatly advise against it.....
14 Jun 2009

"Formerly posted by ellipses:
Oh yeah i forgot to add i really like Hyundai Avante1.5, i tried Forte as well but the engine was too noisy for my liking (enuff of noisy Mit Lancer Ex!).....
14 Jun 2009
lchuanglr hey bro, just feedback from a Fit driver (the older model).

been driving my Fit for about 1.5yrs, quite happy with it. handling is very good, but if you want to overtake pple, I think forget about ...
15 Jun 2009
steven_VW Hi ellipses,

I have not tried or sat in a Hyundai Avante so I can't comment much on it except that it is one of the better designed Hyundai mid range car so far both on the exterior and interior. As...
16 Jun 2009
Toyota Axio is the best and safest buy..but had to get from PI
Mit lancer 1.6 is old but still looks good
Latio is good overall but a bit pricey
Swift is sporty but a bit cramp
If i will to choose , i ...
18 Jun 2009

hi all thanks for inputs.
I must say a first car purchase is sure a long, learning process.

After some thoughts and calculations, i am more inclined more towards getting a new car as the asking pric...
21 Jun 2009
lchuanglr shop around and ask the PIs for their servicing package if you're worried. you might find that your warranty is covered by one of the larger workshop companies around rather than the PI, so even if...
21 Jun 2009
steven_VW HI ellipses,

If you have shorlisted the two models and you are comfortable with the prices, I would think the Honda FIT is a better bet because it is a newer model compared to the Suzuki Swift and I...
22 Jun 2009

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