Kia Sportage 2.0 SX (A)

The new Sportage is a sharp looking SUV on the outside but the big question is -does it have the substance to match its looks?

31 Jul 2010
elviskoh Thanks to ex-Audi designer Peter Schreyer's, the styled somehow looks like Audi.. beautiful design!
1 Aug 2010
edlaz Phoenix yellow it was, if I'm not mistaken. Design wise, it's quite the looker and it's probably going to continue Kia's sales momentum.
1 Aug 2010
denniszone83 i got to say that Kia is on a revolutionary road to success.
6 Aug 2010
cttan456 Forte, Koup, Sorento, Soul, Sportage, K5...Kia has one of the best if not the best looking cars in their respective price categories
25 Aug 2010
Mike_oneshift Having owned saloons for 37 years since I was 18 years old, I though of buying a SUV for a change and came across a write-up of how well the new Sportage delivers.

Went to the showroom at Ubi th...
25 Sep 2010
hotnyh So how does this car compare with it's Tucson cousin mike?
3 Nov 2010
WD45 hi mike_oneshift, that's a detailed account of the sportage... my experience was that the downshifts are still rather sluggish and am too surprised by the rather high revs before gears switch up.
9 Nov 2010
Twin test: Mazda5 2.0 (A) vs. Toyota Wish 2.0 (A)

The Toyota Wish has always had its own way in the MPV market thanks to its unprecedented popularity. We find out if the capable Mazda5 has got wh...

28 Nov 2009
oohlins the motorised sliding doors are a great convenience to have.... easier to get in and out
29 Nov 2009
Mike_oneshift I am in my mid 50’s, a veteran driver with 37 years, well knowledgeable on engine parts and aftermarket enhancement devices and a passion with enhancing my cars engine performance.

I recently v...
6 Feb 2010
Subaru Legacy GT 2.5 (A)

With the latest generation model, the Legacy GT seems to have grown more matured and sophisticated. Will its new found sophistication lead to a less exciting drive?

30 Oct 2009
eugn86 Even the editor agrees that Subaru cars are "ungainly looking". Look at the Legacy, the side is so slab-sided that it could be used as a billard table. The rear bench seats are so flat too, lacking...
31 Oct 2009
Totally agree.... Totally. but i suggest sacking the marketing department too... or revamping it at least, you know I am sure they are the ones leading the designers by the nose with so called re...
31 Oct 2009
rcycool I like the new front design as one of Subaru's better efforts, but the rear looks like a hideous attempt at the rear of a 3 series coupe
1 Nov 2009
zeenie Sorry, but i don't like how it looks front or back. Front: looks like a Nissan Maxima (old man's car!), back looks like a lexus (still old man's car!)
2 Nov 2009
Mike_oneshift I am 54 years old and always like cars with high torque at low rev that will just 'zoom' off from standstill with ease. I am looking for another powerful car and happened that this new design arriv...
10 Nov 2009
Kangadrool Going downhill and lacking in character since acquired by the big T.
10 Nov 2009
This is an open discussion for the news Motor insurance premiums set to rise

"Motor insurers suffer losses due to inflated claims.

Motoring insurance premiums in 2009 are likely to rise by an ave...

14 Mar 2009
Hi Folks,

Let's meet for kopi and TCSS. Its been quite a long while we did not hit the west... YES, let's visit West Coast Park Mcdonalds. Let me see if there is any possibility to do a rounding or ...

19 Aug 2009
Venue : West Coast Park Mcdonalds

Ai lim mai:

1. steven_VW
2. Neutral
3. ztcc (tentatively)
4. Char (should be ok)
5. ifconfig
6. vinceyeo (should be ok too)
7. Jarvis (should be ok unless something crops ...
25 Aug 2009
Mike_oneshift Hi steven_VW,

Sorry that I'll not be able to join up with you all for kopi as I have to take nightly medications. After taking the latter, I feel drowsy and no going out.

25 Aug 2009
steven_VW Hi Mike_oneshift,

Its alright, there will always be the next meet up, perhaps some daytime activities that you are able to join us. Not sure what medications you are taking but hope everything's fin...
25 Aug 2009
Enjoy guys.. it's my best fren birthday celebration day~ cant join.
25 Aug 2009
Aiya....not another meetup with Matrix kaki @ YD ....can't make it to this meetup again.
25 Aug 2009
vinceyeo I will be there only for a while till 9+ as I have other stuff to do.
27 Aug 2009

"Formerly posted by vinceyeo: I will be there only for a while till 9+ as I have other stuff to do.

why? u need to go bathing??
27 Aug 2009
steven_VW vinceyeo go zhang zui bo jio...??.... walau... hahaha!!!

27 Aug 2009
vinceyeo No lah... just going to elsewhere... keke...
28 Aug 2009
Hi Folks,

Let\'s meet to enjoy some nice western meals at Charlie's Corner, Changi Village. We did this some two years ago and it was quite fun and enjoyable. After the dinner, we can take a short d...

2 Aug 2009
Hi all,

I am driving a mitsubishi lancer glx which i got about 3 months ago, second hand, now about 3 y.o. I have noticed two problems and would appreciate your advice:

1) there is a buzzing sound co...

15 Jul 2009
steven_VW Hi rapidmax,

I am not sure exactly what is the buzzing sound that you mentioned but I do have two experiences of a very light buzzing sound that seems to come from everywhere of the car.. doors or d...
15 Jul 2009
rapidmax Thanks steven, looks like i got to do the loose parts tracing.

I will bring it to the workshop sometime soon to check the gear issue. Thanks again!
16 Jul 2009
Actually a lot of us who're driving the GLX as well are facing the same shifting problem, esp within the 1st 3 gears. It's due to the gearbox oil. Original gearbox oil seems to be giving insufficie...
30 Jul 2009
Mike_oneshift Hi rapidmax,

I do not know whether you have checked the air-con filter which inside the car which is located behind the front passenger grove compartment.

I also do not know if the buzzing sound you...
1 Aug 2009

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