Hi, anyone out there ever tried the following products? MotorUp engine treatment, OWS 220 Engine Protector and XREV Zero Friction Engine Additive. Please let me know what is the outcome after using...

16 May 2011
I intend to buy OWS 220 Engine Protector for my car, but I do not know whether it is good or not. Anyone out there can advise me? Thank you!

17 Mar 2011
nicnic Yeah OWS is a good brand. But I think the dfference between the international brands are very small since they are all damn competitive in quality and undergo alot of testing.
18 Mar 2011
wong6119 Thank you for your info.
18 Mar 2011
Hi, anyone out there ever heard of this fuel saving device called Nanoball Fuel Catalyst?

6 Mar 2011
nicnic hey bro, I think it's simmilar to the Broquet fuel catalyst. Either you put a in-line unit or you pour the balls into your tank. the catalyst is supposed to "stabalise" the fuel molecules resulting...
8 Mar 2011
wong6119 Hi, I came across this product in a local car magazine. I spent $800 for 400 grams. After installation, the car feels more powerful and 10% extra mileage.
8 Mar 2011
alastair Wow 10%! How did you install it? And how long does the catalyst last?
9 Mar 2011
nicnic 10% is crazy good. Where did you get the Nanoballs?
10 Mar 2011
wong6119 I went to Tan Lim Motor to have it installed. The process took about 15 minutes, according to the website, this product will last up to 5 years. www.s-nanoball.com
You can contact Peter Chou at 98...
10 Mar 2011
Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6 (A)

One of the most popular models on our roads has a new engine that is more powerful but more efficient as well. Raymond Lai lives with it for a couple of days.

31 Oct 2010
edlaz 40 Million boring people have already bought a Corolla. That's a big chunk of the market by anyone's standards. Making a car that appeals stylistically to a niche group of people (Eg. Passat CC buy...
2 Nov 2010
wong6119 I hope the people from Borneo Motors will consider bringing in the corolla altis with manual transmission. If not, manual transmission lovers will go for Hyundai Avante, Suzuki Swift, Kia Cerato an...
2 Nov 2010
edlaz @Anonymous [I would love to have a name I could call you by other than anon, no offense meant truthfully but I'd like a username I could address you by]

Well, I would love to have a Passat reba...
4 Nov 2010
WD45 It could be deliberate. You can't have lower priced cars to look too great otherwise no one will pay more for the next range up. The same happens to electronic goods even when costs become so much ...
9 Nov 2010
cherie the target market of the toyota altis has always been the family ah pek looking for a normal old fashioned, reliable sedan car. hence, a design that's not too different from the previous generation...
9 Nov 2010
Evan Cherie's got a point. Many (likely to be mature) folks buy cars because of familiarity and Toyotas have been known to be reliable over the past many decades. And also because there is a fear, warra...
10 Nov 2010
neutral At the end, it's marketing... you designed a normal looking car for your low end and stunning looking ones for your high end...

But... I still think a little improvement on the looks will captur...
10 Nov 2010
WD45 good point too... the cerato fortes sold alot more cars in its class just by having better design and of course being feature rich didn't hurt.
11 Nov 2010
c32b altis is a good fuel saver and my family altis is still looking good after quite a few years... i wouldnt stray from that winning formula
12 Nov 2010
WD45 Latio has a better tuned engine? or different BHP measurement standards?
16 Nov 2010
First Impressions: Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6/1.8 Dual VVTi

Small changes to the current generation model add up for an even more complete Corolla Altis

5 Sep 2010
tien should seriously do something to the interior... it looks like a kangoo!
6 Sep 2010
veryheavy Hahas angsty sia. But agree lah, the interior looks a little plain. The Altis is no performance vehicle but that does not stop its engineers from aspiring it to have some skills. Besides, this is a...
7 Sep 2010
fpchong still not my type of car i like, paying a price of Japan make car but got a Thai make car....not worth lah....
8 Sep 2010
wong6119 Too bad Borneo Motors do not bring in the corolla altis with manual transmission. Drivers who like manual cars will definitely go for Honda Civic, Mitsubishi Lancer or Suzuki Swift.
8 Sep 2010
raymondlai Quote:
"Formerly posted by wong6119: Too bad Borneo Motors do not bring in the corolla altis with manual transmission. Drivers who like manual cars will definitely go for Honda Civic, Mitsubishi Lan...
9 Sep 2010
Local News: F10 BMW 5 Series officially launched

BMW held a lauch party to welcome the latest member to its family - the new generation F10 5 Series.

Held at a purpose built marquee next to the ...

19 May 2010
wong6119 Does it come with 6 speed manual transmission?
19 May 2010
Unichip Reveals Piggy Back ECU Upgrade for Subaru Impreza 2.0 Diesel

Unichip Europe is delighted to announce the launch of a new performance enhancing plug and play ‘U-Connect’ piggy back Unichip...

10 Mar 2010
wong6119 Hi,currently I'm driving a Toyota Corolla Altis(Year 2005). Is the Unichip suitable for my car? If yes,where can I buy it? Thank you.
10 Mar 2010
wilswong There's a unichip for Honda Jazz/Fit but am not so sure for Toyotas. Anyone can help.
13 Mar 2010
Hyundai Sonata Gets A New GDI Heart

Taking one step closer to its goals of leading the industry in fuel economy, Hyundai Motor Company today launched its new Sonata 2.4 GDI in the Korean market, ...

19 Jan 2010
afzal what is 25.5kg.m in Nm?
21 Jan 2010
wong6119 Does the new Hyundai Sonata equipped with manual transmission?
21 Jan 2010
Road Test - Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6 (A)

"Does the new Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6 impresses? We give you a 3-men perspective on the car..."

10 Apr 2008
wong6119 Too bad the new corolla altis does not come with manual transmission in Singapore market. I guess I have to look for honda civic or maybe kia cerato forte .
30 Sep 2009

"Formerly posted by wong6119: Too bad the new corolla altis does not come with manual transmission in Singapore market. I guess I have to look for honda civic or maybe kia cerato forte ...
30 Sep 2009
hmm, not at all,  though i like jap hotties, but jap car,,no no, pls dun invite me for a ride in jap car,, i will get gidddy...
1 Oct 2009
Road Test - Mazda 6 2.5 R Sedan (A)

The Ed spent a whole day with the new Mazda 6, clocked a good 200km, and came back impressed with the car. Read on to find out his findings, in this in-depth r...

27 Feb 2008
abitkaypoh I'm sure this 6 will put the camry and cefiro to shame in almost every aspect. It's amazing how mazda been consistently coming out fantastic new models.
28 Feb 2008
darrenxes our mazda team must have hit the roof again with this baby. Too bad no $$ to possess this one
29 Feb 2008
accyt1978 nice.. i'm impressed by how much Mazda has proof themselves in ASIA but mainly even europe... with the DEMIO being named one of the 3 finalist... amazing..

i'm targetting this car if i've enough...
29 Feb 2008
abitkaypoh The Bose system is great, i'm enjoying it everyday in my mazda.
4 Mar 2008
mojo The Armrest at the rear is one thing I nvr liked about the 6, its like too cheapo, and this one seems to be the same uh? its simply not "sharp" enough, it sort of just "hangs" down....the dash is r...
4 Mar 2008
wong6119 I hope Mazda Motor will consider importing manual transmission cars for Mazda 2,3 and 6. If they do so, I'm sure their business will be even better.
23 Sep 2009
I know 6 has already been improved upon greatly, there's really nothing much to ask for in this 6, but I still wish that the digital displays were a tad bit more modern then the somewhat aged feel....
23 Sep 2009
wong6119 Hi Stefano, thank you for your info.
24 Sep 2009
Road Test - Mazda 6 2.0 (A)

"We were the first to review the 2.5-litre variant, and now it's time to evaluate the "entry-level" 2.0-litre. The thing is, it's such an impressive sedan - and now we...

25 Sep 2008
mojo Quote:
"Formerly posted by azfar:
Road Test - Mazda 6 2.0 (A)

"We were the first to review the 2.5-litre variant, and now it's time to evaluate the "entry-level" 2.0-litre. The thing is, it's s...
25 Sep 2008
domino88 Let's just say buyers for this segment are not sure about their retirement investments right now. Not in the mood to shop for a new ride perhaps.
25 Sep 2008
zeeny I think the reason behind the low numbers on the road is because of the Forte. U can buy 2 Fortes for the price of one of these!!!
10 Sep 2009
wong6119 It is a pity that all the new Mazda cars sold in Singapore are automatic transmission. I used to own a Mazda Famili 323 with manual transmission back in 1993. I like it very much. I hope that Mazda...
10 Sep 2009
Road Test - Toyota Camry 2.0 (A)

The current-generation Toyota Camry was first launched in 2006.  For a car however, three years into its product cycle already means that it's middle-aged.  Time ...

9 Sep 2009
eugn86 Is the fit and finishing good on this Thai made camry? My frd's Altis is only 2 years old, and the interior trimmings are already falling apart.
9 Sep 2009
joseph22 I Like the part that say Camry Fan will this and Camry fan will that. seems to be implying that non-camry fan will ... haha...
9 Sep 2009
wong6119 I wonder when Borneo Motors will bring in the manual transmission of the new Camry. This is because I like manual transmission cars very much.
Eric 6119
10 Sep 2009

why facelift the camry? its shld be faced out instead. Just look at how korean makers hv improved both in and out of the car. BM need to reshuffle it design team to stay competitve with the kore...
10 Sep 2009
Goodcar Tom Yam Camry with only 4 cylinder and 4 speed gear selling at a premium.
See how long the brand name can help to sell this car when people really open their eye and look.
11 Sep 2009
Variodical This facelift makes the car look uglier. I would rather have a MIJ teana with 6 spd CVT.
11 Sep 2009
pass09 looklike another AZERA,nothing worth to mention at all.
11 Sep 2009
TheWhiteCruizer Like it or not, this is a car for those who can't afford a BMW or Benz, yet don't want to lose out in terms of size and luxury.
3 Oct 2009
ArsiaOne A bunch of sour grapes...
11 Dec 2009

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