Nearly all COE premiums rise

Only Category C (Goods vehicles + buses) sees a decline, all other categories see significant rise.

It has been widely predicted that COE premiums would rise after t...

11 Sep 2009
Road Test - Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8 (A)

"Toyota is making a bold stab at the marketplace normally occupied by the Europeans. Could the bigger engined Altis pull it off?"

1 Sep 2008
wilsonchay The writer of the article forgot to mention that for the 1.8 altis, there's an electronic driver's seat which is far superior compared to the manual one in the 1.6L.
31 Jul 2009
Road Test - Honda Civic VTI-S 1.8 (A)

"One of Singapore's best-selling sedan gets an update to keep it abreast of the competition. Will that be good enough to attract buyers, who are more careful...

21 Jan 2009
wilsonchay The seats are rock hard compared to the altis. Not comfy in the drive compared to altis, altho' the handling is superb. No auto driver's seat compared to 1.8 altis. Rear seat is too low - feels lik...
26 Jul 2009

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26 Jul 2009
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