Subaru's 250bhp FT-86 coupe in STI trim?

A Japanese magazine give us some rendering of Subaru's upcoming hot coupe

Despite dropping all the information about its Tokyo-bound concepts, Subaru has...

14 Oct 2009
zeenie Looks like a mini-GTR. LOL
14 Oct 2009
eugn86 Ya man! RWD is the way to go for unadulterated FUN!
14 Oct 2009
draggo nissan GTR new rival
14 Oct 2009
ic3boi hope this design pulls through!!
14 Oct 2009
accyt1978 can they just change the TOP GRILL... dun really like the grill design that is similar to the current hatchies...

But well.. it's hard to ask for more since there are no perfect car...unless u ...
16 Oct 2009
woonyang looks too much like the R35
17 Oct 2009
domino88 This success of Nissan's GTR sure inspire a few Japanese car makers to come up with something similar or better. This is a no-brainer for the chief technical officer, design and planning or, chief ...
18 Oct 2009

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