Chevrolet's new Cruze cruises into Singapore

All new Cruze heralds brand new design language for Chevrolet

Chevrolet today announced the arrival of the Chevrolet Cruze in Singapore, the highly a...

18 Aug 2009
kkchai Can't wait 1S author's comment on the comparison between Cruze and Forte.
18 Aug 2009
The rear really looks like Forte, but the front looks like the newer generations of Chevy pickup trucks... maybe it's the angle of the shot...

Autobots... roll out...!!!
18 Aug 2009
eugn86 I think the rear doesn't fit the front. Front looks bold and intimidating. I think the rear lamps too big. Anyway, the reviews i read so far all very good. This will be a hit.
19 Aug 2009
LMLP640 The design is too Korean and the price is a slightly steep but i think it should be a good car to drive in
21 Aug 2009
wilswong Looks bulky... the bonnet is really 'thick'
22 Aug 2009
jj_princess Interior looks good! But the power abit low, only 107bhp, as compared to other korean sedans like Forte and Avante with 124bhp and 121bhp respectively. And these 2 cars are cheaper.!!
24 Aug 2009
dan2y The Cruze comes with a 6 speed auto transmission coupled with a very good sound insulation, well weighted hydraulic power steering and slightly heavier foot pedal. All these make the car quite diff...
27 Aug 2009
OMG!!! I am so getting one!!! Geez best looking Chevy under 2.0L I've ever seen man
28 Aug 2009
neutral Saw it on the road just now...same red with "test plate". Looks like a smaller version of "Epica".

Are they following Toyota route (as in Camry to Altis)?
28 Aug 2009

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25 Aug 2009
29 Aug 2009