afzal have reviewed Renault Megane RS250 2.0 (M)
This car is Sexy on the outside in my opinion. At the very least, it is not as controversial as its predecessor (which I thought looked pretty good by the way). Daytime running lights on a piano black front bumper keep it abreast with the current trends and the bulging wheel a...
18 Dec 2010
afzal have reviewed CitroŽn C4 VTI 1.6 (A)
I've been driving the Citroen C4 for 2 years now. It's not the 2009 version which has a new engine with 120bhp but the one with the 110bhp engine. Not much else is changed though when I test-drove the 2009 C4 other than some tweaking in with the interior.

I was first drawn ...
16 Dec 2009
Evan Damn useful review. Thanks for posting and sharing it with the rest of us!
21 Dec 2009
eugn86 Really informative and comprehensive review. Well done in choosing a Citroen. I'm sure you will enjoy a wonderful relationship with your car. Hope you are already in the Citroen community. Enjoy yo...
9 Jan 2010
afzal Thanks!
16 Jan 2010
pineapple Thanks a lot ! This is really useful.
Does it cost a lot for servicing at C&C ?
27 Feb 2010
afzal added fuel consumption for CitroŽn C4 VTI 1.6 (A)
11 km/litre, 50% highway, 50% urban
16 Dec 2009

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