Citroen DS4 1.6 HDI (A)

Citroen's DS4 has had a change of heart under the hood from petrol to diesel. Edwin Loh takes the diesel variant out for a spin.

26 Apr 2013
Anonymous informative, well written!
10 May 2013
Anonymous the 1.6thp petrol is developed by PSA-BMW

the 1.6 ehdi here is purely a PSA group development
13 May 2013
Protean’s Electric Dreams

Automotive components manufacturer Protean Electric would like you to have a 350 bhp all-wheel-drive hybrid Suzuki Swift Sport today. Wait, what did you just say?

22 Apr 2013
Be Kiasu, drive better

In the modern Singaporean vocabulary, the word Kiasu or being afraid to lose is often spoken with negativity and certainly never meant to be used to teach better driving sk...

8 Apr 2013
What's a soul to a car?

You have heard it all before – Soul.
The E30 M3 had a soul while the Nissan GT-R has no soul.
Why does this one word kingmaker hold such sway in our minds? Why do we acc...

25 Mar 2013
Anonymous Nice topic to discuss, but the thing you have about the vtecless Honda is probably reminiscence because it was your first car.
25 Mar 2013
Jaguar XF 3.0 (A) S/C Premium Luxury

Despite being around for nearly 5 years now, Jaguar’s XF is still going strong. Benjamin finds how the latest upgrades have changed this elegant cat. 

10 Mar 2013
porker911 That's one mean looking cat...
11 Mar 2013
edlaz Blacked out grille is nice.
12 Mar 2013
Evan Sporty and elegant at once.
13 Mar 2013
porker911 I drove this once. The suspension damping needs some work. Nearly threw me off the road.
13 Mar 2013
Anonymous That's one mean looking car... with Motorola Raz'r lighting in the cabin. A bit retro already
14 Mar 2013
edlaz I'd like to see what Jaguar has in store for the next generation XF and XJ. Both are stunning.
15 Mar 2013
Dreaming of cars in crayon

My three-year-old nephew was watching me look through photographs from the recent Geneva Motor Show when the new Ferrari LaFerrai struck him wide eyed.

“Red car! Mine ...

10 Mar 2013
porker911 I think in due time, crayon cars are the only kinda cars we're gonna own in Singapore.
11 Mar 2013
johnbenedict True that. But we might have to give the new measures sometime to take into effect.
12 Mar 2013
New initiatives for safer roads

The Second Minister for Home Affairs, S. Iswaran, has announced several new initiatives to improve safety on the roads through increased enforcement and education ...

10 Mar 2013
edlaz I think more can be done to increase passive safety systems on roads and on training new drivers. Focusing on penalties and disincentives is only one way at looking at the problem. Perhaps we can l...
11 Mar 2013
LeonardChew I agree with you. Accidents are caused by three main factors: the driver, the environment and the vehicle. Improving road designs to minimize accident 'black spots' would help, and so will technolo...
13 Mar 2013
Evan I agree with both of you. The education has to start with at least during the basic theory curriculum. There are issues like giving cyclists/pedestrian space and slowing down at the school zones is...
13 Mar 2013
LaFerrari unveiled in Geneva

Ferrari unveiled the LaFerrari supercar at the Geneva motor show on Tuesday. The 963-hp hybrid is the fastest, most powerful and most expensive Ferrari model to date....

6 Mar 2013
Anonymous Comparing the Mclaren P1, LaFerrari and the Lamborghini Veneno, the Veneno wins it for me.
6 Mar 2013
edlaz The Mclaren P1, Porsche 918 Spyder, and this Ferrari LaFerrari mark the dawn of the Hybrid Hypercar Era. Could competitive performance usage spur development of hybrid systems? Will we see smaller,...
6 Mar 2013
Blog: The Car is dead. Long live the Car.

What if I told you that I believe that the automotive industry is heading towards an upheaval that will not only revolutionise the industry but also fore...

24 Feb 2013
Audi R8 GT Spyder 5.2 FSI quattro (A)

Audi gives the pre-updated R8 a highly appropriate send-off with the limited edition, 560bhp R8 GT Spyder.

21 Aug 2012
edlaz Two stories, 1122 BHP and counting. VRRROOM
21 Aug 2012
Volkswagen Beetle 1.2 TSI (A)

The iconic Beetle is reincarnated once again, this time with less flower power. Does the Bug still have that appeal? Raymond Lai finds out.

24 Jul 2012
JonathanTan Quote:
"Formerly posted by Anonymous: Love the interior, exterior looks a bit plain without the rear spoiler."

I guess when the VK Beetle Cabrio or 2.0L speedster makes its appearance, it'll be coo...
25 Jul 2012
WD45 The it's back campaign literally focused on the the new Beetle's backside. looks sleeker, more neat in my opinion.
25 Jul 2012
edlaz Every time a "contemporary" Beetle comes up as a topic, I am reminded of the scene from the movie Fight Club. Here is food for thought.

"During rehearsals, Brad Pitt and Edward Norton found out ...
5 Aug 2012
Franky No doubt that volks can make a good beetle car like this one, i read some good reviews about it and all of them are positive insights, for me i would also like to say some positive comments. I went...
25 Sep 2012
Preview of the Toyota 86

The wait is over – the spiritual successor to the AE86 Hachiroku is finally here.

7 Jun 2012
8 Jun 2012
Evan we'll find out soon enough!
9 Jun 2012
Twin test: Ford Focus 1.6 Titanium four-door (A) vs. Volkswagen Jetta 1.4 TSI Comfort (A)

Ford’s new Focus meets its toughest opposition ever in the form of the well-liked Jetta. Raymond Lai play...

14 Apr 2012
edlaz ^Still beats the non-design design of the Jetta. It's about as beige as beige can get, imo.
17 Apr 2012
bobby_santiago yo im new year,anyone knows about modification stuff here?
21 Apr 2012
The unveiling of the Pagani Huayra

Eurosports Auto takes on the dealership for Pagani and showcases Singapore's most expensive car - the $3.6 million Huayra.

2 Mar 2012
edlaz Attempt to say it with me: Hauuuy uuurrr raaa. Congratulations, we both look like blabbering fishes.
10 Mar 2012
Ferrari FF

The FF features four-wheel drive, a first for Ferrari and somewhat shooting brake-like styling. Raymond Lai finds out if it drives and goes like a thoroughbred Prancing Horse. 

27 Jan 2012
denniszone83 1 word...ugly.
28 Jan 2012
edlaz Not one of Pininfarina's best works but still distinctively Italian.
29 Jan 2012
Mercedes-Benz CLS350 BlueEfficiency (A)

The Mercedes-Benz CLS is into its incarnation. Raymond Lai finds out if it is still as ground breaking as the original 2004 model.

21 Nov 2011
edlaz I'm not a fan of the styling of the previous CLS but this new one combines stately airs with tempered aggression. Nicely done Mercedes!
24 Nov 2011
Mazda SKYACTIV Technology Wins Award

Mazda announced that its newly developed 'SKYACTIV-G 1.3' engine has been named the 2012 Automotive Researchers' and Journalists' Conference of Japan (RJC) Te...

18 Nov 2011
Wombat_VC This proves that forced aspiration is not the only solution to improving efficiency.
18 Nov 2011
edlaz Great work on Mazda's part for thinking out of the box. Hope they can translate this to improving the Wankel engine to be euro 6 compliant.
18 Nov 2011
Porsche Panamera S Hybrid 3.0 (A)

With the Panamera S Hybrid, there are now two hybrid models in the Porsche range. Is a hybrid Panamera a hybrid too far?

27 Oct 2011
edlaz Panamera Hybrid: Looks like a whale mated with a 911. Make that a really fat whale.
28 Oct 2011
Sevastian Vettel Gets The World Driver Championship

Renault RS27 engine powers Vettel to second consecutive title.

Renault RS27 engine powers Vettel to second consecutive title

Renault and Re...

10 Oct 2011
edlaz Gonna have to change that 1 finger salute to 2 fingers now. 2 WDC!
10 Oct 2011
Local News: TESLA Roadster EV To Be Featured At ION Orchard

FSG and Tag Heuer ommemorates its racing heritage with an exhibition, “Mastering Speed for 150 years”, spanning from September 22 thro...

27 Sep 2011
Wombat_VC Speaking of Tesla and racing, I was trying to race the Tesla (in the world of PS3 Gran Turismo) the other day and I soon ran into a problem - I could not refuel the car! XX##%$@@$!!
27 Sep 2011
edlaz @wombat_VC LOL
28 Sep 2011
Toyota Fortuner 2.7 (A)

The Fortuner gets a new lease of life once again thanks to some subtle styling updates and so on. Can the new look improve the Fortuner’s er… fortunes?

23 Sep 2011
Wombat_VC I can't see the point of having such a utilitarian SUV in a 2WD form. I may as well get the Captiva or Santa Fe or something.
23 Sep 2011
edlaz Like the Tiguan's ST ad copy: "Not that you would but you could." Tis true, no one would take it off road.
25 Sep 2011
thunderchief Looks like a Vanguard front grill. Hands me down looks and parts perhaps...
25 Sep 2011
Wombat_VC " Like the Tiguan's ST ad copy: 'Not that you would but you could.' Tis true, no one would take it off road."

Haha, unfortunately, with only 2WD, it could not.
26 Sep 2011
hanafiah Extremely ancient. Toyota seems to play us Singaporeans for a fool by their list of crappy offerings. 4 speed auto? Come on.....
3 Oct 2011
i think there are a little bit of both but no worries man i think you are cool
5 Oct 2011
Head-to-head: Audi A1 1.4 TFSI 122 (A) vs. Citroen DS3 1.6 VTi (A)

The Mini is facing fierce competition from the likes of the Audi A1 and Citroen DS3. Who then makes the haut-er hatch to beat th...

15 Sep 2011
edlaz The A1's quite a looker. The DS3 doesn't quite work for me.
20 Sep 2011
Peugeot RCZ 1.6 turbo THP 200 (M)

We find out if the 200bhp, manual transmission RCZ finally offers performance it deserves?

14 Aug 2011
edlaz Saw one on the road. Cool presence!
16 Aug 2011
First Look: Suzuki Swift Sport

The new generation Suzuki Swift Sport will make its world debut at the 64th International Motor Show (IAA)

The new generation Suzuki Swift Sport will make its worl...

11 Aug 2011
andmervin The poor man's Mini is back! Any price suggestions?
11 Aug 2011
edlaz Design is aging well and performance still seems well up to par. Who knows, we might have a modern classic on our hands.
12 Aug 2011
Evan What its predecessor lacked was the all important 6th gear. I'm glad they fixed that issue with this upcoming one.
12 Aug 2011
Launch of the Volkswagen Polo GTI

Volkswagen last week held a preview of the long awaited Polo GTI for the media at the Marina Bay Golf Club.

6 May 2011
edlaz If the 1.2 Sport was anything to go by, the GTi must be a hoot to drive!
8 May 2011
ifconfig the ride has an amazing engine/exhaust sound; very additive to a car enthusiast like me. :p

while the acceleration was very linear, however, the ride is very bouncy. thus i would recommend folks to...
9 May 2011
Xuyun This is very cool! A step forward for people who like the Polo but want GTi power. Perhaps this will make the car appeal to more young first car buyers.
9 May 2011
Twin test: Audi TT RS coupe (M) vs. Porsche Cayman S PDK (A)

With Porsche now under the arm of the Volkswagen Group, there's bound to be civil unrest between the Stuttgart brand and VW's Audi arm...

27 Feb 2011
nsm I prefer the audi, it looks better.
28 Feb 2011
edlaz The Cayman has lines taken straight from a 5 year old's sketch of what makes fast car. I think it looks awesome and timeless.
28 Feb 2011
Citroen DS3 1.6 THP 150 (M)

The turbocharged Citroen DS3 shares its turbo engine with the Mini Cooper S. Raymond Lai finds out if its dynamics can match the British car's verve.

5 Feb 2011
WD45 SEAT is a brand not sold here in sg.
8 Feb 2011
evozephyr But manual gearbox only? Why not make a auto?
8 Feb 2011
edlaz Call me a Luddite but manuals ftw!
9 Feb 2011
We Spy: Volkswagen XL1 Super Efficient Vehicle

Pioneering construction techniques, an advanced plug-in hybrid drivetrain and innovative packaging all play a part in allowing the XL1 to return 313...

27 Jan 2011
edlaz Bo bian leh Char, the covered wheel arch is supposed to aid aerodynamics. I bet if they could cover the front wheels, they would have covered it too if not for the need to steer.
28 Jan 2011
hendyz that would be interesting to see
28 Jan 2011
Quaigon This reminds me of the old Citreons!
28 Jan 2011
Porsche 911 Black Edition

The Porsche 911 Black Editions offer the core 911 principles of distinctive design with inner strength; with a high level of specification that emphasises the iconic sty...

26 Jan 2011
ringill It's all black! haha i guess its just another gimmick
26 Jan 2011
Evan stealth paint coating.... kidding.
26 Jan 2011
edlaz There are 20 different 911s on sale now. The 911 Black (doesn't it sound like the GT-R Black or Merc AMG Black?) makes it 21 permutations of the 911.
26 Jan 2011
First Look: Ferrari Four FF

The official Prancing Horse web site,, has revealed the first photographs of the new FF, the company’s most powerful, versatile four-seater ever, as well a...

24 Jan 2011
WD45 Getting into the Porsche Panamera market?
24 Jan 2011
WindTurbine Personally, I have a soft spot for odd-ball cars like these, not sure if it will be an 'Epic failure' as other post mentioned.

But I do find cars like this Ferrari, the old BMW Z3 coupe, bits of...
25 Jan 2011
Wombat_VC That evil grin of a devil (look at the frontal pic)!

Looks like Ferrari has finally given in to market forces.
25 Jan 2011
wilswong I think it is precisely due to the success of the Panamera that Ferrari seen the potential. At least it is a four seater with 2 doors, not a four seater with four doors so it does keep its sports ...
25 Jan 2011
alastair haha agree with edlaz it kinda looks like the 250GT but... meaner looking
26 Jan 2011
maxil I'd love to be at the front wheel of the FF. Er... but what'd it feel like to be in the back of a 660bhp ferrari?
26 Jan 2011
WD45 Actually it's not bad looking. The tail lights and exhaust pipes looks kick-ass.
26 Jan 2011
edlaz In the spirit of Audi's knocking ad of the R8 strolling through Maranello, here's a slightly used R8 that just popped up on pre-owned. Lelong lelong $50,000 off.
26 Jan 2011
WindTurbine Edlaz... i saw one R8, exactly the same... and extremely loud, including visually loud, sound like its got striaght through exhaust... at sengkang, dun tell me you bought it already.. haha
27 Jan 2011

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