Confessions of a track newbie

Despite my self professed identity as a petrolhead, I had never ever driven in a track in anger. All this changed last Saturday with a baptism by fire which no numbe...

18 Mar 2013
Dazed and Confused

Even if you are one of those people who see eye to eye with Howard Hughes and avoid the outside world like the plague, if you live in Singapore, you have definitely heard of th...

28 Feb 2013
Anonymous This is a really good and an informative post. I am an Aussie newbie to car ownership and your article is great at putting things into a clearer perspective! Singapore has the easiest tax code, ye...
11 Mar 2013
Evan Welcome to Singapore!

But having said that, it is only recently the government is working on (but dunno how long) fine tuning the policies. The COE and ARF in the past (and still is at the moment)...
13 Mar 2013
Attack of the Clones

 So they say BMWs are sporty. Mercs are comfortable. Audis are for the sophisticated lot whereas Lexus is the last word in refinement. Volvo's are safer than your average nuc...

24 Feb 2013
Anonymous The truth is growth in the automotive industry is scarce and everyone is forced to target a bigger audience to get the growth that shareholders demand. Everyone has abandoned their core equity and ...
28 Feb 2013

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17 Feb 2017

Utkarsh has an acute case of the car infection. In his elusive search for automotive perfection, the Alfa 159's passion and soul is his current stop after two yrs of German precision with VW & BMW. Design Engineer by training, Brand Marketer by profession and Car Designer in his childhood dreams, he offers a unique if a touch analytical take on anything automotive that catches his fancy.