Honda Reveals The All New Civic Tourer Ahead of Official Unveiling

Honda has revealed the new Civic Tourer ahead of its official unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month.  The new Civi...

13 Aug 2013
Wombat_VC Looks much better than the saloon we have in Singapore.
15 Aug 2013
SG: Driver that caused death of 4 in CTE crash identified

A crash that happened at around 4am on National Day took away the lives of a Singaporean and his Korean girlfriend and family whilst they...

15 Aug 2013
Wombat_VC In my opinion, anyone who is convicted of causing death due to drinking and driving should be treated as "culpable homicide not amounting to murder". The offence of culpable homicide is committed w...
15 Aug 2013
SG: Driver that caused fatal crash arrested

A crash on early national day morning saw the passing of 4, after an Odyssey ploughed into a strickened Toyota Wish. The occupants of the Wish got out ...

10 Aug 2013
Wombat_VC Stream, not Odyssey
12 Aug 2013
Ford Evos Concept Confirmed For 2013 Salon Prive

Ford confirmed that the acclaimed Ford Evos Concept car will feature in the upcoming Salon Privé as part of the new Concepts and Prototypes Dis...

25 Jul 2013
Wombat_VC Looks very much like an Aston.
29 Jul 2013
SG: Near-miss in KPE between street racers.

A Tuscani nearly collided with a C Class along KPE yesterday while street racing. The C class was travelling rather quickly when it pulled in front of ...

28 Jul 2013
Wombat_VC The Tuscani driver must be some gangster trying to intimidate the Merc driver. The police should investigate.
29 Jul 2013
Anonymous We should also find out what transpired between the two drivers prior to what has gone viral captured in the video.
29 Jul 2013
Audi Q5 2.0 TFSI (A)

The Audi Q5 is best known for its incredible handling that sets it apart from most other SUVs. We take their latest re-engined 2.0 TFSI for an impression. 

2 Jul 2013
Wombat_VC There seem to be a mistake in the stated power. Should be 225 ps.
6 Jul 2013
Volvo V40 Cross Country 1.6 (A)

Following on the heels of the successful S60, we take the Swedish manufacturer’s latest baby out for an impression. 

4 Apr 2013
I like this car
18 Apr 2013
Wombat_VC AWD available in SG?
6 Jul 2013
SG: London Cabs plagued by mechanical issues

SMRT’s newest fleet of London Cabs have experience a wide array of mechanical failures and breakdowns that is causing inconvenience to the wheelchair-...

4 May 2013
Wombat_VC Ah! Geely. Would rather buy a Proton or Perodua instead.
6 May 2013
Fndsgp London Cabs? Should have named it Zhejiang Cabs.
7 May 2013
Understanding what causes accidents

Motor-vehicle accidents have been making the headlines rather frequently in the past month, with the serious accident involving a lorry and a car along the PIE...

21 Mar 2013
Wombat_VC Speed does not kill. Driving in a manner unsuitable for the condition, be it the environment, road or the driver's ability to control the car in that condition, kills.
29 Mar 2013
Nissan Note DIG-S 1.2 (A)

Nissan's compact mini arrives to replace, well, everything else in its segment - but does it have all the right notes?

26 Jan 2013
Wombat_VC Good to see something like this introduced. Unfortunately, the current COE structure will severely limit cars like this. I think it is about time COE categorisation needs a big overhaul.
27 Jan 2013
Anonymous The Golf Sport was $89K 4 years ago. Over $40K difference from the Aveo 5 mentioned in the article is hardly "spare change"!
27 Jan 2013
Anonymous The bulldozer company called. It want's its ugly shovel back.
7 Feb 2013
This is an open discussion for the news Featured Review by Oneshift members

"It has been a rainy December period and for car owners who love to keep their cars squeaky clean, read on for some of o...

9 Dec 2008
Wombat_VC The turbine hybrid would be fab. Imagine starting up a jet every morning.
18 Dec 2012
Jetta Hybrid US Edition

The Jetta Hybrid is making its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in production form, as it launches on the North American market.

The Jetta Hybrid is making its debut at...

29 Nov 2012
Wombat_VC Will this be made available in this part of the world?
10 Dec 2012
The new Audi RS 6 Avant

The new Audi RS 6 Avant is a high-performance sports car for everyday use

The new Audi RS 6 Avant, has a twin-turbo V8 which delivers confidence-inspiring power in every ...

5 Dec 2012
Wombat_VC Miss the V10 though.
8 Dec 2012
Ford focus ST estate declared Top Gear’s hot hatch of the year

Top Gear magazine has crowned the Ford Focus ST estate Hot Hatch of the Year in its January edition out today.

In reaching the verd...

7 Dec 2012
Wombat_VC Junior RS6, but unfortunately, unlikely to be in SG.
8 Dec 2012
Honda Diesel i-DTEC Engine

The new 1.6-litre i-DTEC diesel engine is the first engine from Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology series to be launched in Europe.

The new 1.6-litre i-DTEC diesel engine...

17 Nov 2012
Wombat_VC This engine should come here.
20 Nov 2012
Garmin Singapore and Malaysia Maps for iPhone Now Available

Garmin is proud to announce the Garmin StreetPilot Onboard app for iPhone is now available in Singapore and Malaysia.

Garmin Corporati...

15 Jun 2012
Evan We could use a review for this one vs Navphone vs sygic...
15 Jun 2012
wilswong Yup if everyone uses iPhone. I am waiting for Android version.
15 Jun 2012
Wombat_VC Unfortunately, it doesn't have traffic capability. It would replace my standalone unit if it had.
19 Jun 2012
Shell Says Driver Behaviour Changes For More Fuel Savings

A recent study conducted by Shell on 521drivers in Singapore found that nearly 7 in 10 drivers (68%) have changed the way they drive to r...

16 Jun 2012
Wombat_VC Yes, they have all become junction hoggers.
19 Jun 2012
wilswong Perhaps a bit of patience would help. No point start a drag race and end at another junction less than a hundred metres away too.
19 Jun 2012
Twin test: Audi A4 1.8 TFSI (A) vs. Mercedes-Benz C180 CGI (A)

The updated entry-level Audi A4 takes on it’s the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, one of Singapore’s most popular and best selling car in rec...

11 Jun 2012
Wombat_VC Nothing wrong with FWD even if it costs >$300k.
15 Jun 2012
Sneak Peek: Audi RS Q3 Concept

At Auto China 2012 in Beijing, Audi is presenting a themed vehicle based on the Q3 – the RS Q3 concept.

The blue painted Audi RS Q3 concept is a vehicle based on t...

19 Apr 2012
Wombat_VC 2 thumbs up!
20 Apr 2012
Mazda SKYACTIV Technology Wins Award

Mazda announced that its newly developed 'SKYACTIV-G 1.3' engine has been named the 2012 Automotive Researchers' and Journalists' Conference of Japan (RJC) Te...

18 Nov 2011
Wombat_VC This proves that forced aspiration is not the only solution to improving efficiency.
18 Nov 2011
edlaz Great work on Mazda's part for thinking out of the box. Hope they can translate this to improving the Wankel engine to be euro 6 compliant.
18 Nov 2011
Local News: TESLA Roadster EV To Be Featured At ION Orchard

FSG and Tag Heuer ommemorates its racing heritage with an exhibition, “Mastering Speed for 150 years”, spanning from September 22 thro...

27 Sep 2011
Wombat_VC Speaking of Tesla and racing, I was trying to race the Tesla (in the world of PS3 Gran Turismo) the other day and I soon ran into a problem - I could not refuel the car! XX##%$@@$!!
27 Sep 2011
edlaz @wombat_VC LOL
28 Sep 2011
Toyota Fortuner 2.7 (A)

The Fortuner gets a new lease of life once again thanks to some subtle styling updates and so on. Can the new look improve the Fortuner’s er… fortunes?

23 Sep 2011
Wombat_VC I can't see the point of having such a utilitarian SUV in a 2WD form. I may as well get the Captiva or Santa Fe or something.
23 Sep 2011
edlaz Like the Tiguan's ST ad copy: "Not that you would but you could." Tis true, no one would take it off road.
25 Sep 2011
thunderchief Looks like a Vanguard front grill. Hands me down looks and parts perhaps...
25 Sep 2011
Wombat_VC " Like the Tiguan's ST ad copy: 'Not that you would but you could.' Tis true, no one would take it off road."

Haha, unfortunately, with only 2WD, it could not.
26 Sep 2011
hanafiah Extremely ancient. Toyota seems to play us Singaporeans for a fool by their list of crappy offerings. 4 speed auto? Come on.....
3 Oct 2011
i think there are a little bit of both but no worries man i think you are cool
5 Oct 2011
Green Tech: Audi A8 Hybrid

The power of a six-cylinder model, the fuel consumption of a four-cylinder version: Audi will be starting series production of the A8 hybrid in 2012.

The power of a si...

25 Aug 2011
Wombat_VC When can we have the Q5 Hybrid in Singapore?
26 Aug 2011
Local News: Philips Introduces Two Motoring Aids

Philips Automotive Lighting announced its entry in the LED Daytime Running Lights as well as the air purifier range for cars.

Philips Automotive ...

30 Jul 2011
TheWhiteCruizer What's the use of the DRL where we can't even legally install them?
30 Jul 2011
wilswong what makes you think it won't be?
31 Jul 2011
Wombat_VC DRLs are good but some after-market installations are getting ridiculously glaring, especially at night. If after-market installations are allowed, regulations must be applied. For a start, all DRL...
4 Aug 2011
Being Green: Volvo V60 Diesel Plug-in Hybrid

At the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, Volvo Cars will be unveiling the world's first diesel plug-in hybrid - a virtually production-ready Volvo V60 with carb...

22 Feb 2011
Wombat_VC Singapore's road-tax structure will make this really green car really difficult to own.
23 Feb 2011
wilswong What to do? Jurong Island is the main reason...
23 Feb 2011
Local News: Serving You With Apples At Mercedes Benz

From now onwards, Mercedes-Benz sales personnel are equipped with the APPLE iPad to serve the customers better.

From now onwards, Mercedes-Be...

16 Feb 2011
WD45 Even restaurants are using it to present their menu!
16 Feb 2011
Wombat_VC It's not who started first that counts, it's the marketing of the feature that would make people take notice. Case in point - video call for iPhone 4. I have been using 3G video call years before A...
18 Feb 2011
We Spy: Toyota FT-86 II Concept

The Toyota FT-86 II will give the clearest indication yet of the final design for Toyota's next sports car.

A new evolution of the Toyota FT-86 sports concept veh...

28 Jan 2011
Wombat_VC I believe the model featured in GT5 is the version 1 FT-86.
28 Jan 2011
Quaigon yes it is... nice...
28 Jan 2011
WindTurbine Really loking forward to this car...
30 Jan 2011
We Spy: Mazda Minagi Concept

Mazda Motor Corporation will showcase the world premiereof its new MINAGI compact crossover SUV concept car during the press days of the 2011 Geneva motor show

The M...

20 Jan 2011
Wombat_VC The next CX-7.
25 Jan 2011
Evan Hope it uses the TSI-like engine that Mazda's developing (developed?)
26 Jan 2011
WD45 The Skyactive Engine on the recently revealed Mazda 2 seem to mention a high compression rate for a NA engine. 14:0. Not sure about this one.
26 Jan 2011
Local News: COE For Feb 2011 to July 2011

The Certificates of Entitlement (COEs) quota for the period February 2011 to July 2011 will be 22,368.

The Certificates of Entitlement (COEs) quota for ...

21 Jan 2011
So is there a chance the prices will cool down further on Cat B?
21 Jan 2011
wilswong By the won't happen until cars from the 2007-2009 are either traded in or scrapped and the number of COE can then hit around the 60K-70K mark.
21 Jan 2011
Wombat_VC Perhaps the correction period should match the same number of years the error first started.
25 Jan 2011
Lower CO2 emissions anyone?

Singapore needs to double up its efforts in lowering CO2 emissions is it was to meet its target of reducing its CO2 outputs by 16 percent by 2020. Green diesel power f...

23 Jan 2011
Wombat_VC The European manufacturers are ganging up to lobby, but I have read no mention of mitigation of other diesel toxic gases, such as NOX. We have to see how well the urea solution stands up to our hot...
25 Jan 2011
WD45 I think the Japanese might have an edge over the conti counterparts going by what's being developed at nissan, mazda and the likes.
26 Jan 2011
raymondlai particulates from diesel engines are minimised by diesel particulate filters in the latest euro 4 diesel engines so to say that these diesel engines are harmful to our health is somewhat wrong. it ...
28 Mar 2011

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