lazygrass have reviewed Peugeot 407 SR Sport 2.0 (A)
The 407 is a very nice design. You got to hand it to the French. Sporty and spacious. Interior comees with nice touches although the main console I find a bit plain.

Driving position is comfortable with enough headroom for tall people like me but many blind spots. Engine i...
5 Dec 2006
XF Lol! WHen visiting showrooms, dress codes count as well, and your car might also affect the salesperson's impressions on you.
I agree with your comment that the rich don't neccesarily dress nicely...
12 Jun 2009
lazygrass have reviewed Mazda CX-7 2.3 SR (A)
I think there's enough reviews on this car nowadays in magazines everywhere I see. Everything is true so far written in the reviews.

Exterior is well designed. Looks more like a oversized sports car with big wheels then a SUV. The size is slightly smaller then the Murano so...
18 Dec 2006
lazygrass have reviewed Volkswagen Passat 2.0 FSI (A)
I rented this car when I was overseas and drove it for a while. Looking from the outside, sleek curves with silver linings down the windows. Nice front and back design.

Interior wise, extremely spacious. Think BMW 5 series or E-Class size. Build quality is top notch and wi...
5 Dec 2006
lazygrass added fuel consumption for Lexus IS 250 Standard (A)
8.5 km/litre, 50% highway, 50% urban
23 Aug 2006
lazygrass have reviewed Lexus IS 250 Standard (A)
Test drove the car when my friend bought it. When I first laid eyes on the IS250 was on the internet, initially not really impressive. Only when I got to see the car up close then I realised Lexus has once again come up with something to beat its competitors in its class yet a...
23 Aug 2006
lazygrass have reviewed Mercedes-Benz C 180 Kompressor (A)
I've owned this car for about a year and it is truely a comfortable car to be in. The interior although is less of an appeal as compared with Audi A4 but the reliability is great.

Engine performance for me is not that great. It doesn't have the torque as compared to a SAAB...
21 Aug 2006
lazygrass have reviewed Nissan Murano 250 2WD (A)
*phew* I guess that was my reaction when Nissan finally brought the Murano into singapore. What a new good looking SUV finally....

Engine is pretty decent unless you want extra ommph then you might want to consider getting the 350 version. If not, for daily drives this is g...
21 Aug 2006
lazygrass have reviewed Hyundai Santa Fe 2.7 (A)
The drive was nothing to shout about. It has enough torque and poke if you rev it hard enough but the engine sounds like it's working pretty hard to push the car pass 4000rpm. Interior was pretty spacious with enough leg room for all passengers except that the special back row...
21 Aug 2006

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