Will be deregistering my Golf Variant soon and I have the original VW black anodised roof rack which has a lock for security to be sold off. My next car does not have roof rails so it has to go. Yo...

17 Sep 2006
Check out this local company supplying bodykits :


12 Jan 2005
Senna Sounds really good, I wonder are those replica or the real mccoy.
13 Jan 2005
initialD Replicas i think...

But they don't have every kit available in the market... have to email them to check.
18 Jan 2005
viper10011 hi

any other places for lancer bodykits?anyone went mcwell ventures?
7 Jan 2006
discoburg I will suggest getting the real stuffs and not replicas. Yea you are paing more but better quality stuffs you are getting. Replica bodykit' surfaces tend to be wavy after awhile.
7 Jan 2006
viper10011 anyone done at project mayhem b4?

saw on their web..wld anyone know if price includes installation n spray?

13 Jan 2006
chilipadi2 i emailed them...but no reply from them leh....anyone know where their shop is? wan to go down to see their bodykit personally
15 May 2006
Moustache1610 The website is down?
17 Sep 2006
Anyone experience poor services at VW Car & Cars ? Just wonder whether I am the one of the few or many !

29 Mar 2006
miniboy Quote:
"Formerly posted by Kelvin_Sim:
Hi all,

I am considering a VW. Is the servicing for it much more expensive than the Jap cars? And do you think it can last the full 10yrs? Currently consid...
26 Aug 2006
Moustache1610 No the $250 is purportted to cover labout cost of taking out old battery and putting in the new battery plus checking all other related components to confirm that they are not contributing to the b...
26 Aug 2006
substance138 If you guys want to know more about VWs whether their servicing is good or bad you can head down to Kallang KFC/Mac carpark there is going to be a Golf Gti GTG today from 430 to 630.
26 Aug 2006
Moustache1610 Just a clarification. Although I am not happy with the servicing, I am very happy with my previous Passat and the current Golf.
26 Aug 2006
buGGie i had my battery changed recently for less then 200 for my previous car .... so i guess as long as u bring it to an outside workshop, its ok.

the mechanics will just plug the vag com port into ...
26 Aug 2006
Moustache1610 I had a purist mentality last time but now I am selective in going back to Cars & Cars. I tried Servotronic.
26 Aug 2006
buGGie there's CAG auto as well, if you wanna try.

i like servo. always look for dennis.....
26 Aug 2006
Moustache1610 Location?
26 Aug 2006

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24 Aug 2006
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