A friend of mine recently got a black Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6 manual. He was delighted that the car was more powerful and less monthly payment than his Lance of previous generation which he sold.


22 Nov 2004
Longist Hey Eber,

I am planning to get manual Lancer or vios cause of budget around $50k. Any idea about those cars or any recommended car around that price?
Any idea about coe price? will it drop nex...
15 Dec 2005
viper10011 hi all,

jus joined the forum,bought my lancer sports manual just this week..at 49888,with freebies thrown in,rikecool,sold off the spoiler though,gotten my coe and loan approved..now awaiting de...
6 Jan 2006
Longist Good news coe price drop again, and cause the manual lancer price drop to 48k.
i wanna wait for more price drop then make the decision.

viper, u should wait cause the coe price is still droppi...
6 Jan 2006
viper10011 hi guys

well i was thinking of filter upgrade,cold air intake,exhaust,extractor all to boost acceleration and ecu piggyback..bodykits wise i haven found any gd ones..those on the roads are prett...
7 Jan 2006
viper10011 no leh..i want to keep it stock tires n suspension for awhile 1st..slowly but surely the strut bar..any comments on those 15'inch oz stock rims?are they any gd?

if i puttin bodykits might wana s...
8 Jan 2006
Lancer923 Hi,
Lancer manual is about 45k + with leather & sport rims.
Lancer Sport manual about 49k to 50k get more cosmetic & better leather Seats but Engine Performance wise the same.FC is about 11-12/li...
5 Jan 2007
sunnytan31 Hi,

I almost decided with Mit Lancer 1.6 MT Sports at $46988, quoted by C&C sales exec but yet to place my order, waiting for the next COE bidding and see any price drop. Ha ha...

Any other ...
13 Feb 2007
"Formerly posted by sunnytan31:

HI Sunnytan,welcome to lancer topic.I have been riding mit lancer sport 06 MT (with rally art Accs ) for 7 months.Its actual combine Fc is 11-13 km/l better...
13 Feb 2007
sunnytan31 Hi MYATTUNMYO,

Do u play wif ICE? If I install a Power Cap for my ICE, do I still need to install VS?
14 Feb 2007
"Formerly posted by sunnytan31:
I m not an ICER but i heard that using VS would improve car overall perfoma and stabalize the head unit power drain rate.But u should ask about Pcap to instal...
15 Feb 2007
Worth getting Toyota Vios or Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6???
Most imp concern is Fuel Consumption,budget and interior...
Pls give advice...

9 Aug 2005
Cruizer I would suggest a Mit.
Test drove both on highway. Mit performed better.
If you are a no-frils person, Vios is okay.
But if u are hungry for power, then Mit is the choice.
10 Aug 2005
Skye Overall, I personally will go for the Lancer too. Got a couple of friends driving it. No pushover too in the fuel consumption department
11 Aug 2005
Dias Overall, Lancer.
11 Aug 2005
Lucien Get VIOS only if u really strapped in cash. Overall a Lancer is more worth.
19 Aug 2005
MYATTUNMYO lancer fc is so so on city traffic but v good on highways...better handling than vios ...better int n ext design n finishing....get highest torque 148nm at even low rpm 2750...comes with rallyart r...
8 Oct 2006
triggerpuff Quote:
"Formerly posted by ahua2207:
Worth getting Toyota Vios or Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6???
Most imp concern is Fuel Consumption,budget and interior...
Pls give advice... "

I would suggest the ...
8 Oct 2006
lightfinger Fuel consumption and budget - vios
Interior - mit

Depends what weightage you place on each factor.
9 Oct 2006
any one know about FUEL CONSUMPTION of misubishi lancer 1.6 manual?compare 2 sunny and vios manuals...

31 Aug 2006
neutral Hi MYATTUNMYO, Welcome to oneshift!

You may try our compare feature and find out the exact FC for these cars.


Hope it helps.
31 Aug 2006


31 Aug 2006
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