I've got some vouchers in my mailbox with 1 coupon saying I can get $200 off the tintsycool solar film package. Wondering if anyone has used it? got any comments? by the way, thanks oneshift for th...

5 Dec 2006
accyt1978 cool and lite has got some promo too.. i'm heading down next week to check it out..

15% for UOB.. for premium package.. a substantial savings of almost 150 bucks for me..

anyone wanna join me??
5 Dec 2006
coldx how much is it before the $200 off anyway?
6 Dec 2006
coldx thanks!
6 Dec 2006
accyt1978 cool and lite premier ones is 730... but with the 15% discount.. it's the same as standard package... or even cheaper... with a 7 year warranty and other discounts with it's privilege card.. i thin...
6 Dec 2006
accyt1978 anybody tried tintsycool liao??? how was it???
7 Dec 2006
This is an open discussion for the news Is the Remix Honda’s next CR-X?

"For those of us that miss the Honda CR-X 2-seater, the Remix concept car may provide a ray of hope that Honda will re-intro...

3 Dec 2006
Evan Honda's design just gets better and better!
4 Dec 2006
kendart Looking forward to this on the roads. I thought the futuristic looking Euro Civic won't make it on the street, but it's happening!
5 Dec 2006
This is an open discussion for the news Citroens are futuristic and cool again

"There was a time when Citroen built the coolest most stylish cars available – cars such as the Citroen DS and CX loo...

4 Dec 2006
kendart The body looks too long and wide for practical driving on local roads?
5 Dec 2006
mdhisham Hi Justin,
Yah man they r futuristics & cool
Check it out man...the advsertisement, I'm impress


5 Dec 2006

"Oneshift.com has said before that Hyundai is heading places, and this time it’s as a taxi, breaking the duo-poly long held by Toyota and Nissan.

ComfortDelGro, the company tha...

29 Nov 2006
kendart 1000 is alot of orders. How come Toyota didn't follow up with their Crowns? The Japanese vans currently don't make Euro4 standards as well.
29 Nov 2006
Justin_Lee Toyota was napping - in Japan the taxis use LPG or CNG, and only its European models have Euro IV complient diesels. But as we get our cars from Japan or Thailand, no 'clean' diesels are available....
4 Dec 2006
Web-TV for car buffs

"It seems too good to be true, but there is a website completely dedicated to videos of cars, including motorshow reports, interviews with head honchos and car reviews – an...

29 Nov 2006
kendart All this for free? Even has coverage on the recent beijing show. thanks for the link.
29 Nov 2006
Just read that streetdirectory being sued by SLA

The roadmap to the courts
SLA sues creators of streetdirectory.com

Leong Wee Keat


THE Singapore Land ...

24 Nov 2006
Dias Hmm.. seems like there's quite a ruffle on this issue on Today.

Twist to online street map row

SLA sets up website that allows users to download maps free, gives information on State-owned...
24 Nov 2006
neutral hmm...sue and being sued...sounds like we are in USA? Where are the gracefulness?

If you authorised and release your info to somebody and they further developed it. Is that still under copyrigh...
24 Nov 2006
27 Nov 2006
Friends & Colleagues,

The biennial Singapore Motorshow will be back from 10-19 November 2006 to once again dazzle the crowds with an exciting display of automobile launches, concept cars and adr...

8 Oct 2006
Dear members,

The lucky draw for the Oneshift Singapore Motorshow Poll was held yesterday at 8pm at West Coast Mcdonald's Function room, as scheduled.

We would like to extend our sincere grat...

23 Nov 2006
kendart Hi just curious, how many total votes cast? The winner must be real lucky...
23 Nov 2006
neutral Total votes casted are around 5800.... ya, he is real lucky man.
24 Nov 2006
accyt1978 wow damn.. he sure is lucky..
with such a name and with the real MOnth coming.. he sure.. is one LUCKY GUY.... damn tall too.... hahaha
26 Nov 2006
Hi, I'm new here. I'm currently looking at the new Advante, got any reviews on it? Thanks in advance.

6 Sep 2006
gerald_tan Think there was one in the recent Carbuyer, but I don't have the copy.

Took a test drive - not too bad but the suspension a bit weak. And the sales rep at Komoco not offering any freebies at all...
6 Sep 2006
kendart Gerald, thanks for your reply. The advante looks decent spec wise on paper. eg good bhp, full disc breaks. I will be test driving it soon. What do you mean by the suspension is weak? body roll? Lat...
7 Sep 2006
Skye Cars like Advante usually have relatively softer suspension that are more for comfort than attacking corners (hence the "weak" feeling?). It might suit people with certain driving styles but not ot...
7 Sep 2006
gerald_tan Hmm tested both the Avanate and Latio - have finally decided on the Avante and booked it... fingers crossed!!

Agree that the Avante ride is a lot smoother - in fact a lot better than the Latio (...
24 Sep 2006
Skye Exciting stuff! Many congrats!!! Must show us your car when you get it
24 Sep 2006
Alan_Ang Quote:
"Formerly posted by gerald_tan:
Hmm tested both the Avanate and Latio - have finally decided on the Avante and booked it... fingers crossed!!

Agree that the Avante ride is a lot smoother ...
24 Sep 2006
gerald_tan Hi all,
Sorry for the late reply, was too happy driving my car around, ha ha.

Got my car on 2nd Oct, clocked almost 1000 km in the 3 weeks since then, am really happy with it.

22 Oct 2006
gerald_tan Oh, one more thing, this is a bit off-topic, but during my test drives, these were the alternatives to the Avante I was considering:

Toyota Altis : Cheaper, but dubious build quality/rep (Tha...
22 Oct 2006
ifconfig whatever it is, just go along with your personal preferences. u will be happier and most importantly, satisfied with your own choice.
23 Oct 2006
Skye Just an observation... the Advante seems rather pricey considering its sub-$15k OMV. The actual cost of ownership might not be as low as the price suggests then Of course this is only one part of...
25 Oct 2006

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