COE news: Prices go skywards towards $40k

COE prices went up to as high as $42k today after the end of March's second bidding exercise.

Open Cat COE premiums saw the biggest rise of over 50 perc...

24 Mar 2010
wilswong Gosh...super reactive and
24 Mar 2010
WD45 The end is near...
25 Mar 2010
mudpeas some AD got new models coming along too?
25 Mar 2010
AHaHa_2010 Ya the price shoot up so can...force us to buy smaller and cheaper car...this will in turn affect our population...don't believe check this gd example...-->
25 Mar 2010
DOHC Well price so high still will have alot of pple buy new cars de...
The rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer...
25 Mar 2010

Anyone know how to calculate the mileage accurately for their vehicles? Unless u have a gadget installed like my colleague's Axio which have a countdown mileage pre-installed.

What i do now is i...

1 Dec 2009

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19 Mar 2010
6 Apr 2010