Actually this Hyundai is already quite Zhnged for family use.

Engine: 1.6Auto VVT
Max power: 121ps/6000

14 Jul 2006
i am a new car buyer looking in buying an Fuel efficient car.. Currently deciding on whether which three will fit... Honda City/nissian Latio/Toyota Vios...
Honda City look a bit weird but the new...

12 May 2006
I have just book with Nissan 23 Nov '06
Shocking Price of S$52800
+S$500 - Dynamic Series (add body kit & A/W)
-S$1500 in-house Finance
-S$500 in-house Insurance
-S$500 NAC (Nissan Advantage ...

28 Oct 2006
erichong hey not bad was offered basic version at $50300 - $500 member discount . the salesgirl threw in leather + sports rim.
to sign up next day.

29 Oct 2006

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11 Sep 2006
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