Subaru Impreza 1.6i Sport (A)

Jonathan Tan finds out that despite the fourth-generation Subaru Impreza's ‘softer’ looks, it still possesses all the hallmarks of a Subaru.

24 Aug 2012
denniszone83 The styling is getting from bad to worse...
28 Aug 2012
Local News: The VW CC is here

Volkswagen today launched the new CC at the Tanjong Pagar Distripark. The CC is basically a thoroughly refreshed Passat CC. The 'Passat' moniker has also been ditche...

22 Mar 2012
sapporobier On the old CC, I like the front not the back. On the new CC, I like the back not the front.
29 Mar 2012
denniszone83 i share the same sentiments as sapporobier...
31 Mar 2012
Subaru BRZ Japan Edition To Be Launched in March

Subaru BRZ is a fun sports car that any driver can experience driving pleasure, featuring a front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout powered by the ...

6 Feb 2012
Evan Finally something exciting from Subaru.
9 Feb 2012
denniszone83 thumbs up!
9 Feb 2012
Launch of the new Honda Civic

Kah Motor finally launches the new ninth generation Honda Civic recently with an event at its Alexandra showroom.

28 Jan 2012
denniszone83 Looks like a pimped up city. Not as ground breaking as its predecessor.
28 Jan 2012
Ferrari FF

The FF features four-wheel drive, a first for Ferrari and somewhat shooting brake-like styling. Raymond Lai finds out if it drives and goes like a thoroughbred Prancing Horse. 

27 Jan 2012
denniszone83 1 word...ugly.
28 Jan 2012
edlaz Not one of Pininfarina's best works but still distinctively Italian.
29 Jan 2012
Toyota At Tokyo Auto Salon 2012

The 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon gives Toyota a showcase for new interpretations of its models, from off-the-wall concepts to race-tuned specials. Leading the way at thi...

18 Jan 2012
denniszone83 GT 86 looks pleasing to the eyes. Hope to see it in Spore soon.
21 Jan 2012
Hyundai Veloster Wins Good Design Award

The all-new 2012 Hyundai Veloster earned a GOOD DESIGN™ Award in the Transportation category for its innovative and unique three-door design.

The all-new ...

27 Dec 2011
Evan Poised to be the next racerboy hot hatch
27 Dec 2011
wilswong wise i think rear lights a bit too high..macham arse line already go up to the waist. Not that sexy IMHO. They really need better designers...
27 Dec 2011
denniszone83 i dislike the rear design and the colour does not seem sporty at all.
30 Dec 2011
First Look: Scion FR-S Concept Sports Coupe

Scion unveiled the AE-86 inspired rear-wheel drive FR-S Concept sports coupe at the 2011 New York International Auto Show.

The concept, which sets out...

23 Apr 2011
denniszone83 Looks like a beefed up RX8...
23 Apr 2011
Evan Yeah strangely resembles the Furai concept.
27 Apr 2011
drewsmith The Subaru BRZ, alternately called the Scion FR-S or the Toyota 86, has been a fiercely anticipated car for a while. However, many people will have to purchase the Scion edition, as Subaru is only ...
16 Mar 2012
Audi A1 1.4 TFSI (A)

Audi says that the A1 is a compact car that thinks big. Is it good enough to take the fight to the Mini and will it be really the next big Audi. Raymond Lai spends a weekend ...

24 Mar 2011
denniszone83 Looks good! I don't mind buying this baby is I have the excess $$$...heh heh heh.
27 Mar 2011
Volkswagen Jetta 1.2 TSI (M)

The sixth generation Jetta is set to blitzed the Cat A saloon market when it goes on sale here in June. Raymond Lai previews it in France.

13 Feb 2011
denniszone83 The previous model looks prettier.
13 Feb 2011
XF I love the design of the new Jetta.
It certainly looks more upmarket than before, while being understated. Just like an Audi, then.
16 Feb 2011
WD45 I agree with XF. It has a more refined stately look, more than its predecessor.
16 Feb 2011
raymondlai it'll be here in june
16 Feb 2011
Volkswagen Golf R is TopGear Hot Hatch of The Year

The Volkswagen Golf R has scooped the Hot Hatch of the Year honour at the TopGear Awards hosted by the TV show’s presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, Ri...

1 Feb 2011
evozephyr Looks like vw is on a roll.
1 Feb 2011
denniszone83 VW is the in thing now!
1 Feb 2011
ifconfig nice...
1 Feb 2011
Local News: Lexus LFA Blazes Into Singapore

Borneo Motors (Singapore) Pte Ltd, announced the delivery of the first Lexus LFA Supercar that just arrived on our Singapore shores in January 2011. T...

1 Feb 2011
Quaigon Finally! It seems like ages ago when the concept was first presented at the Singapore Motor Show 5 years back.
1 Feb 2011
ringill wow this car completly shatters my image of lexus...
1 Feb 2011
nicnic toyota now has a car to challenge lamborghini n co. nice!
1 Feb 2011
denniszone83 looks handsome and the performance sounds good (theoretically)!
1 Feb 2011
alastair in theory. Wonder how it handles, especially compared to the nissan gtr.
1 Feb 2011
wilswong Hi Bros...uploaded more photos! Sorry last night a bit too zonk from hunt down more pics for all to see.

*I like the way they implement the spoiler...looks cooler than the audi*
1 Feb 2011
First Look: Mercedes Benz SLK 2011

The new roadster takes driving pleasure and open-air enjoyment to a new level. It blends light-footed sportiness with stylish comfort, a striking sports-car des...

14 Jan 2011
denniszone83 Looks good but somehow i like the previous model more...
16 Jan 2011
caaatin Hi wilswong,
Wow! What a car, gorgeous car. Now I feel like buy this type of car but I have no money to buy this type of car. At present I have set my business about mechanical and repainting of car...
21 Jan 2011
wilswong if it was 10 years ago...i would say gorgeos...perhaps I am spoiled by the designer from Audi who is now at Kia...i would say my taste has changed because of him.
21 Jan 2011
Malaysian Volkswagen On Our Roads Soon?

Volkswagen Passat to be built from the end of 2011 with a view to long-term development of the Malaysian Automobile market and the region under the Strateg...

25 Dec 2010
denniszone83 huuhhhh...
25 Dec 2010
evox85 i highly doubt so, coz currently in Msia they are CKD assembling from Peugeot 407s to Nissan Latio and Slphy to NAZA/KIA Forte, but all these are for domestic consumption only and none made it to SG.
31 Dec 2010
iankan Sometimes you think, China and Malaysia slowly eating up all the brands of the world. :|
5 Jan 2011
First Peek: Hyundai i40

The i40, which was known by the codename ‘VF’ during development, arrives as the company embarks on the next phase of its brand and product evolution in Europe.

Hyundai h...

21 Dec 2010
WD45 Looks like another killer model from Hyundai. i45 is a real eye candy.
21 Dec 2010
iankan At first glance you did think it was the sirocco.
21 Dec 2010
denniszone83 Whole package: Looks not bad
Front profile: Still lack the European look
Rear profile: Very refine, looks good
21 Dec 2010
First Peek: KIA Picanto

The little small car from KIA is given a huge change in appearance and looked ripe for action.

Kia has today released the first official design sketches of the next gener...

8 Dec 2010
wilswong Woah~!! Got thumbs up in terms of look...if sketch turns to reality, it will be as good as if not, better than my current ride.

At least I am very agreeable with the rear light design.
7 Dec 2010
denniszone83 Rear - Looks good, Rims - Delicious, Front - Nothing amazing (as of now)
8 Dec 2010
iankan Once upon a time, KIA to me was Killed in Action.
8 Dec 2010
wilswong Dennis. If this car comes with those rims, I will go to C&C and order one set for myself.
8 Dec 2010
wilswong Honestly, for one to even own a car, is already richer than 80% of the world population. So to say a car owner is poor is really a misnomer.
9 Dec 2010
WD45 With the recent COE hike, it seems the recent new car owner is the rich...

The new picanto looks promising!
10 Dec 2010
denniszone83 hi wilswong, if those rims indeed come with the car, i'll join you and get 1 set for myself too
12 Dec 2010
wilswong is a deal!! Unless the taiwanese rims do make copies that will be sufficient too.
13 Dec 2010
Megane Renaultsport N4

Noted for its striking design and having won acclaim for the quality of its chassis and engine, Mégane Renaultsport 250 is now to give rise to a rally car, N4, intended for...

10 Dec 2010
WD45 Sleek paint (sticker) job! I hope more photos can be uploaded here on this car.
10 Dec 2010
denniszone83 Looks really handsome!!
10 Dec 2010
wilswong As requested...
10 Dec 2010
HSV Roars into Singapore

There’ll be an Aussie V8 rumble in our concrete jungle following the arrival of HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) on our shores on Thursday night.

Harvest Automobiles launch...

27 Nov 2010
denniszone83 The monsters roar into town but thats a crazy price to pay. In aust, the price are wayyyyyy lower...haiz.
27 Nov 2010
iankan The wealth of Singaporeans have been steadily increasing over the years. Our disposable income cannot be doubted !
28 Nov 2010
Wombat_VC This is purely for those who want to be different for the sake of it.
29 Nov 2010
iankan I remember the old mitsuoka orochi, i wonder how many of those are on our roads nowadays
29 Nov 2010
LMLP640 Will the bathurst vxr8 ever to be sold here?
29 Nov 2010
wilswong I think Aussies who sees this will be wondering if we have lost our knockers.

Crazy prize is a nice car..really as I have seen and heard so many on Melby's roads. But the price there i...
30 Nov 2010
Wombat_VC Years ago, Aussie V8s were racing together with all other touring cars, until one fine day, the Godzilla (Nissan GTR) came along and swept the whole track clean. Eventually, the Godzies were banned...
30 Nov 2010
First Look: Vauxhall Opel Corsa

The Corsa has now adopted many of the premium styling cues from other recently launched Vauxhalls, such as the Insignia, Astra and Meriva.

Styled by Niels Loeb, V...

25 Nov 2010
fpchong Nice car.....
26 Nov 2010
denniszone83 Used to drive the old corsa in aust but this current one looks way cooler than the previous models. Nice!
26 Nov 2010
Evan Opel's certainly taking firm action in the latest slew of models.
30 Nov 2010
First Look: Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

A special edition of the 2011 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible will be showcased in the annual Neiman Marcus “Christmas Book,” the luxury retailer announced


7 Oct 2010
denniszone83 I think it looks good in yellow.
7 Oct 2010
wilswong that is why it is american...that's why it is so distinctive from the more 'kuniang' asian cars.
8 Oct 2010
First Peek: Volkswagen New Midsize Sedan

Volkswagen today released three new renderings of its New Midsize Sedan (NMS), which will be produced at the company's state-of-the-art assemblv plant in ...

4 Oct 2010
WD45 I hope the production model looks like the concept. VW is the most exciting car brand in recent years to have new interesting models rolled out almost annually!
4 Oct 2010
denniszone83 I got to agree with you on this. I can't wait for them to showcase their new productions!
5 Oct 2010
wilswong I guess when the manufacturer deals directly with the consumers, the benefits outweighs the bad.

I for one am looking forward to the day I can drive the VW Polo Sport TDI...which is good enough fo...
7 Oct 2010
Suzuki Kizashi 2.4 (A)

Suzuki enters the big league with its first large saloon offering, the Kizashi.

17 Sep 2010
denniszone83 In terms of the looks, it still way behind Accord, Camry and Teana.
17 Sep 2010
WindTurbine Actually I agree with dennis, particularly in this dense market segment, the last thing you need is another discreet looking machine, especially from a maker who is new to the segment - where is th...
17 Sep 2010
edlaz I agree that the Mazda 6 is sporty looking. And though I like the "grinning" front end and all the Nagare styling bits, not very many people do. Furthermore, with Mazda's new "Shinari" styling dire...
17 Sep 2010
wind79 Don't really like its exterior, looks just like a larger SX4. But in terms of value proposition, the Kizashi is cheaper and more powerful than its direct equivalent. Any idea how much is its OMV?
17 Sep 2010
raymondlai Sporty looking and a good handling car the mazda6 might be but it hasn't exactly gone down well with large saloon buyers, mostly due to its size, so obviously looks don't matter that much in this s...
17 Sep 2010
WindTurbine Yes, I admit may be overly concerned with the looks department... (but thats what strike me first... it reminds me of the Suzuki Baleno, a good car as far as i can recall, but just so forgetable) s...
17 Sep 2010
afzal I remember the concept cars and I'm pretty disappointed it didn't turn out looking as dynamic and aggressive as the concepts were. It looks a little like the VW Eos in the front and a tweaked Teana...
24 Sep 2010
Green News: Audi A1 e-tron goes on trial

20 Audi A1 e-trons will be on trial in Munich and its environs by mid-2011as part of a project undertaken by Audi AG, E.ON, Stadtwerke München and the Tec...

15 Sep 2010
ztcc78 Audi A1 Preliminary Specifications
Engine: 1.6-liter 4-cylinder (base model), 1.4-liter Twincharger 4-cylinder (AWD model) (CG estimates)
Horsepower: 130 base, 170 AWD (CG estimates)
Torque: ...
16 Sep 2010
denniszone83 its gonna be v expensive.
16 Sep 2010

I heard it's gonna be offered only in FWD layout. Even the S1 version.
17 Sep 2010
BMW X1 sDrive18i 2.0 (A)

A premium SUV that is easy to manage and without the guilt of one. That'll be the BMW X1.

9 Sep 2010
denniszone83 Somehow, it looks weird...
9 Sep 2010
afzal I agree. There's something about the front bumper that looks very strange especially in profile view. Looks like a bulldozer somewhat. I don't like the proportions of the body either.
24 Sep 2010
WD45 The X1 doesn't drive too well I heard from a friend that test drove it. But no one can complain about have a car with a BMW badge.
19 Nov 2010
Kia Sportage 2.0 SX (A)

The new Sportage is a sharp looking SUV on the outside but the big question is -does it have the substance to match its looks?

31 Jul 2010
elviskoh Thanks to ex-Audi designer Peter Schreyer's, the styled somehow looks like Audi.. beautiful design!
1 Aug 2010
edlaz Phoenix yellow it was, if I'm not mistaken. Design wise, it's quite the looker and it's probably going to continue Kia's sales momentum.
1 Aug 2010
denniszone83 i got to say that Kia is on a revolutionary road to success.
6 Aug 2010
cttan456 Forte, Koup, Sorento, Soul, Sportage, K5...Kia has one of the best if not the best looking cars in their respective price categories
25 Aug 2010
Mike_oneshift Having owned saloons for 37 years since I was 18 years old, I though of buying a SUV for a change and came across a write-up of how well the new Sportage delivers.

Went to the showroom at Ubi th...
25 Sep 2010
hotnyh So how does this car compare with it's Tucson cousin mike?
3 Nov 2010
WD45 hi mike_oneshift, that's a detailed account of the sportage... my experience was that the downshifts are still rather sluggish and am too surprised by the rather high revs before gears switch up.
9 Nov 2010
Green News: Honda CR-Z Best Green Sports Car

The Honda CR-Z has won Best Sports Car at the What Car? Green Awards for its best-in-class economy and value for money.

The CR-Z won praise for its s...

19 Jul 2010
denniszone83 how come it looks like VW scirocco?
19 Jul 2010
Evan Ya... looks like it. but the rear looks more megane hatch-ish
20 Jul 2010
World Premiere of Jeff Koons' BMW Art Car

At the premiere of the 17th BMW Art Car Jeff Koons unveiled and signed his car in front of 300 international VIP guests in the Centre Pompidou, one of th...

8 Jun 2010
denniszone83 not sure if such a colourful car is legal on our streets??
7 Jun 2010
wilswong very good question...but judging by the stickers from OWS on some cars, they got away with it already...hahaha
9 Jun 2010
Minifesto 2010

Mini shows its fun side once again at the recent Minifesto event

27 May 2010
denniszone83 MINIficient!!
27 May 2010
First Look: Subaru Cosworth CS400

The Cosworth iteratiion of the iconic Subaru Impreza STI produces 400 ps and delivers 0-62 mph in just 3.7 seconds with limited edition run of 75 cars exclusivel...

26 May 2010
edlaz The COSWORTH name is back. It will eat supercars for snacks. Om nom nom!
26 May 2010
wilswong Yeah lor...and using the STI some more leh.
26 May 2010
Evan Looks like it'll work really well in Singapore given the black matte finish!
27 May 2010
denniszone83 i got to agree with Eber!!
27 May 2010
wilswong Eber, seen one Fit doing the same treatment and also a GTR...i dun feel it does the cars justice some how...
28 May 2010
Opel Corsa Gets the Soccer Fever

Opel made available stickers of its customers' favourite soccer teams for the Opel Corsa.

World Cup soccer fans who want to support their favorite team can get t...

26 May 2010
wilswong If you have the corsa...would you do it?
26 May 2010
Evan Play soccer with it, TopGear style
27 May 2010
denniszone83 i would...just to get into the fever of the world cup!
27 May 2010
wilswong Wonder if OPEL singapore wants to do something similar...
28 May 2010

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