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14 Jul 2009
ifconfig is that twitter link having some issues?
27 Aug 2010
Cool thanks!
26 Sep 2012
JazzaTeo Quote:
"Formerly posted by ifconfig: is that twitter link having some issues?

I don't think so, I tried it and it works fine
27 Sep 2012
Adonissg Thanks. I am relatively new to this forum. I have found this site very informative. Very helpful indeed.
21 Oct 2014
gloriatorios This is very good thank you
11 Dec 2014
Merylle522 Thanks!
8 Aug 2016
If anyone is looking for where to pay fines or renew licences at LTA, HDB, URA, etc. Use the following link for almost anything singaporean.

20 Dec 2009
JBlunt That is awesme, That you can pay your traffic bills online.
I really will save some of my time though. 
17 Oct 2011
wwiliam654 hi..........................
25 Aug 2012
I agree, this is really awesome!:) Having an online site where we can do stuff like the renewal of license and paying fines is a great help and will save us time. On the other hand, I'd like to sha...
20 Nov 2012
29 Nov 2012
redletterboxed Yup! Thanks for sharing.
Heard from my bro that paying ERP fine online also have discount. Check it out at the link below!
19 May 2014
loltrim very good, thanks
25 Jun 2014
JakeTheSnake Thanks Evan, good link to have makes it so much easier to pay bills.
6 Sep 2015
aaradaa hii iam araadaa
3 Jun 2016
aaradaa This is an unfortunate situation. Did you do a PDI before allowing him to register the car? How bad are the dents and which dealer/manufacturer is this?

3 Jun 2016
aaradaa hii,

welcome to this forum site ,here you can find lots of things ,suggest you for your question you have to contact any other expert right now in have no knowledge about your qury sorry for t...
3 Jun 2016
SG: HDB implements Mechanised Parking Systems to ease lack of space

HDB has decided to roll out the Mechanised Parking System to 3 pilot sites in Bukit Panjang, Yishun and Changi Village in a bid...

7 Oct 2013
Evan You can now have the James Bond scene filmed right here in the heartlands!
8 Oct 2013
23 year old COE to be revamped!

News just in. The 23 year old COE system will be undergoing a major revamp according to Transport Minister, Lui Tuck Yew, at a press conference this morning. 

9 Sep 2013
Evan More info here:

Most premium models to be taken out of Cat A

1. As announced today by the Minister for T...
9 Sep 2013
Evan Fundamental principles of the COE framework are sound

4. The fundamental principles of the COE framework remain sound. The public consultation exercise showed that Singaporeans too, understand t...
9 Sep 2013
hanafiah Proton Exora in Cat B...? Do the idiots realize that lots of extended families not earning ministers' salaries need an MPV to ferry their extended families around. There should an additional catego...
9 Sep 2013
Anonymous Where are those that supported the 130hbp tweaked??

If 90% of the commentators and analyst said that the new implementation will not work, Why the ministry still annouced the news and said it wi...
13 Sep 2013
Toyota Vios 1.5 (A)

Our main wheelman takes Toyota's latest generation compact sedan to get an impression. 

15 Jul 2013
Anonymous I seriously don't think that this car is using a 1.6l engine or is turbocharged as reflected under the "engine" section.
17 Jul 2013
Anonymous I think it "should" be turbocharged like the Vios turbo in Thailand.
17 Jul 2013
lml1616 Can any1 recommend a good 
loan in Singapore to take as I need to buy a car without much downpayment ?
18 Jul 2013
Evan Hi Lm1616, unfortunately the MAS regulation is still in effect. I suggest we wait out to see if there are any further changes.
19 Jul 2013
Anonymous Are you sure with the 15.4km/liter?
I drove my new vios 2013 1.5 G A/T in the high way (NLEX), and i got only 11.7km/l, and my speed ranges from 80 to 100kph only, with rpm not more than 2500.
23 Sep 2013
SG: “Cars not a necessity” says local oil trader

52 year old oil trader Mr David Goh is supportive of measures that force those who own multiple cars to pay more to give some sense of fairness fo...

11 Jun 2013
hanafiah Speak for yourself. Cars are a necessity for families with 2 or more children. Imagine travelling to Dairy Farm from Tampines via public transport? If you have 3 or more kids you'll need 2 cabs. We...
11 Jun 2013
Evan Recently 3 cab companies couldn't comply with LTA's regulation of putting up enough cabs to go around in Singapore too. Doesn't help the situation.
12 Jun 2013
Anonymous We Singaporeans are just PLAIN suckers...we pay everything at exorbitant prices just to get it...this reality doesn't change...face it people, cars will remain expensive, the less rich will not get...
13 Jun 2013
haffisx think this david goh gone senile liao..
i tried not having a car for a month and i suffered
yes they may say "got mrt, bus & taxi easy mah"...
try taking a bus with stroller/pram......
15 Jun 2013
2014 Toyota Corolla Unveiled

Toyota has recently revealed the eleventh generation of the world's best-selling car, the Toyota Corolla.  It now features a new design which to some extent is inspir...

10 Jun 2013
Evan The 2014 Corolla sure breaks the mould with this iteration!
10 Jun 2013
hanafiah Don't think SG buyers or SE Asia will get this. We'll probably get something from Thailand or Indonesia that will never pass the EURO NCAP tests.
11 Jun 2013
ERP gantry locations will change with new expressway

LTA has announced that with the opening of the new Marina Coastal Expressway later this year, some ERP gantries along ECP and within the CBD a...

17 May 2013
Evan ok 1stly Jurong Town Hall road is in the heart lands. 2ndly) the source of the jam is at the multi lane 2 way junction underneath the Ayer Rajah fly over, not the JTH road per se.
17 May 2013
Singaporean Newly-Weds killed in accident along North South Highway

Singaporean Rita Marie Gilbert, 42 and her husband, Malaysian Kumar Arunasalam, 40, were killed in crash along North South High...

8 Apr 2013
Evan Tragic man...
9 Apr 2013
Man involved in high speed car chase on KPE charged

The man that led police on a dramatic high speed chase through the KPE and ECP on Monday evening has been charged in court. Yesterday, the driv...

29 Mar 2013
Evan ok, maybe off topic abit. How many secs do you need to get a Mazda 3 from 0 - 185km/h? must be quite a stretch of road.
1 Apr 2013
Anonymous seriously, just 3k and a year? for being GTA?
1 Apr 2013
porker911 Awesome lah...Mazda 3 against the TP's Volvo S80 T5s!
4 Apr 2013
High-speed police chase from Punggol to CBD

Like a scene out of an American action blockbuster, police were led on a high-speed chase through the KPE to ECP on Monday night around 8pm when a Mazd...

28 Mar 2013
Evan How can the driver expect to get away esp in Singapore!?
29 Mar 2013
Transport minister advises aspiring car owners to wait till 2014

During a Channel NewsAsia Ask Minister programme, Transport Minister, Lui Tuck Yew, advised that aspiring car owners should hold o...

27 Mar 2013
Evan must wait 1 year...
27 Mar 2013
Anonymous This is just a tactic to appease the public. Come next year, I doubt we will see a massive drop in prices.

1) Because expiring COE owners would want in again.

2) Those that do drop out will b...
27 Mar 2013
Anonymous If enough ppl take this advice, premiums will fall, so this will actually be the best time for the rest of us to buy a new car right?

Just my 2c.
Simon Simple
28 Mar 2013
Owner brings his Lamborghini Gallardo rallying!

Unlike most Lamborghini owners here in Singapore who baby their pride and joy like fragile snowflakes, this proud owner of a 2010 Gallardo isn't af...

15 Mar 2013
porker911 Who needs 4WD when you've got buckets of horsepower to power out of a turn?
15 Mar 2013
BenjaminKline I concentrate very hard too when I'm testing performance cars.
15 Mar 2013
Evan won't happen to a lambo driver in sg. ever.
15 Mar 2013
porker911 Definitely not! I mean for the price of one Gallardo here, you could buy nearly 2 over there in the States!
16 Mar 2013
HARMAN integrates Apple’s Siri into Ferrari

HARMAN, the premium global audio and infotainment group, is providing Ferrari in-car speech control. At the Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari showcased the in...

15 Mar 2013
Evan Siri's going to get jealous if you tell her that you like the Ferrari more.
15 Mar 2013
Anonymous I think we're not too far away from a time where we'll be able to drive the Ferrari with our iPad/iPhone!
16 Mar 2013
BMW M135i 3.0 (A)

What happens when you shove BMW’s brilliant 320bhp twin turbo inline six into a little 1-series hatch? Benjamin braves the tarmac to find out…

13 Mar 2013
porker911 OMG, I love this hatch man!
13 Mar 2013
Evan No pricing info yet? I was expecting the We don't like verdict to be the price point.
13 Mar 2013
porker911 Actually Mr Evan, just my humble opinion. If we let the price of cars put us off, we'll never be able to truly appreciate how brilliantly designed a particular car really is with the budget the eng...
14 Mar 2013
Anonymous It obviously won't be "cheap" but the interior sure doesn't look expensive enough
14 Mar 2013
Anonymous It was never meant to be an expensive car in the first place. It only became ridiculously expensive when it reached our shores!
14 Mar 2013
Anonymous The present N55 blown six is not a twin turbo like the previous N54 in the 1 series M coupe.

The N55 uses a single twin scroll turbo hence the twin power turbo moniker.
30 Mar 2013
Fall in COE prices: What it means

Most of us might have speculated that COE prices would take a tumble after the new financial measures were introduced, but the outcome of the latest bidding exer...

13 Mar 2013
Evan "So, while the Government has achieved its secondary goal of bringing down COE prices to lower economic inflation, the results of this exercise has also confirmed one of the worst fears for many lo...
13 Mar 2013
Anonymous let's face it: cars here ARE for the rich; they are not meant to be "affordable" to everyone, considering that a Civic costs half an HDB flat
14 Mar 2013
Anonymous Thumbs up! For the recent Govt measures on car ownerships! In SG, all has equal chances to make their own living, owning a car will give a new sense of achievement to those who worked smart & hard ...
15 Mar 2013
hi guys,
can note down ur knowledge here on how to increase the performance of engine of a mitsubishi lancer glx..

10 Mar 2013
Evan Few easy ways - change to 15" light weight wheels, change air filter to the metal/fabric types, and finally a ram air intake. Go open pod filter if you want to improve top end.
13 Mar 2013
Dazed and Confused

Even if you are one of those people who see eye to eye with Howard Hughes and avoid the outside world like the plague, if you live in Singapore, you have definitely heard of th...

28 Feb 2013
Anonymous This is a really good and an informative post. I am an Aussie newbie to car ownership and your article is great at putting things into a clearer perspective! Singapore has the easiest tax code, ye...
11 Mar 2013
Evan Welcome to Singapore!

But having said that, it is only recently the government is working on (but dunno how long) fine tuning the policies. The COE and ARF in the past (and still is at the moment)...
13 Mar 2013
Car dreams going up in smoke?

First, it was the high COE prices. Now, it’s the 50 per cent loan cap and higher ARF. Having one’s own set of wheels may well be a dream too far for many. Especially...

6 Mar 2013
Anonymous My dreams of owning a car went up in smoke a long time ago even before the recent announcements. It is just too difficult for a family that is starting out.
11 Mar 2013
Evan Hi Anonymous, your dealer could have called you during the day of the regulation. Many back-dated their purchases to evade the new regulation...

On the flip side, you could wait out and see if the...
13 Mar 2013
Jaguar XF 3.0 (A) S/C Premium Luxury

Despite being around for nearly 5 years now, Jaguar’s XF is still going strong. Benjamin finds how the latest upgrades have changed this elegant cat. 

10 Mar 2013
porker911 That's one mean looking cat...
11 Mar 2013
edlaz Blacked out grille is nice.
12 Mar 2013
Evan Sporty and elegant at once.
13 Mar 2013
porker911 I drove this once. The suspension damping needs some work. Nearly threw me off the road.
13 Mar 2013
Anonymous That's one mean looking car... with Motorola Raz'r lighting in the cabin. A bit retro already
14 Mar 2013
edlaz I'd like to see what Jaguar has in store for the next generation XF and XJ. Both are stunning.
15 Mar 2013
New initiatives for safer roads

The Second Minister for Home Affairs, S. Iswaran, has announced several new initiatives to improve safety on the roads through increased enforcement and education ...

10 Mar 2013
edlaz I think more can be done to increase passive safety systems on roads and on training new drivers. Focusing on penalties and disincentives is only one way at looking at the problem. Perhaps we can l...
11 Mar 2013
LeonardChew I agree with you. Accidents are caused by three main factors: the driver, the environment and the vehicle. Improving road designs to minimize accident 'black spots' would help, and so will technolo...
13 Mar 2013
Evan I agree with both of you. The education has to start with at least during the basic theory curriculum. There are issues like giving cyclists/pedestrian space and slowing down at the school zones is...
13 Mar 2013
Land Rover releases first Range Rover Sport teaser footage

Land Rover is gearing up for this year's New York Auto Show with a teaser for the company's new Range Rover Sport. The brief clip doesn'...

13 Mar 2013
Anonymous Aside from the engine note at the start of the video, Land Rover really didn't reveal much.
13 Mar 2013
Evan That's why it's a teaser mah...
13 Mar 2013
This is how your wife reacts when you buy a Toyota GT86

How many of you can relate to this video?

12 Mar 2013
Evan Hilarious!
12 Mar 2013
porker911 Yes, I think my wife would have that reaction too! hahahaha...but it's an awesome awesome car! Just needs a little forced induction to up the power! 200bhp is way too little!
13 Mar 2013
Anonymous Agreed, drove it once before. Everything is great but it lacks that ooophm and we can't do any modifications here in Singapore.
13 Mar 2013
Evan sure or not Char...
13 Mar 2013
Car ownership after Budget 2013 Part 3

In this third installment of our three part series focused on Budget 2013, we discuss the effects of the recent MAS measures on COE. 

11 Mar 2013
Anonymous I heard that banks aren't giving the full 60%/50% loan. With higher monthly installments, it is a bigger risk for them.
11 Mar 2013
Evan On the flip side, buyers who can afford the upfront payment and larger loans will see their cars "break-even" immediately, servicing less interest but on the principle.
12 Mar 2013
Locomoto @Evan - We must also consider the opportunity cost of using so much cash upfront. Think of the money that could have been earned by investing the money in a REIT or long-term FD.
13 Mar 2013
Evan Clearly the gahmen is forcing the people to weight the opportunity cost isn't it. Sometimes, buying a car is an emotional one and many would withdraw their FD to get their hands on one.

13 Mar 2013
Local News: COE Results for March Round 1

Following this round of bidding, Certificates of Entitlement (COE) have plunge in most categories with the biggest drop in Cat B.
Category A (Cars under...

13 Mar 2013
Evan Anyone thinks Cat A & B will go down further in the next round?
13 Mar 2013
Anonymous Hard to say. Need to see in the next round.
13 Mar 2013
Volvo Car Group reveals world-first Cyclist Detection with full auto brake in Geneva

Volvo Car Group reveals world-first Cyclist Detection with full auto brake in Geneva The new functionality is...

6 Mar 2013
Anonymous Nowadays, cyclists are a common sight on the roads. Could be quite a useful feature especially at night when they are harder to see
6 Mar 2013
Evan This will work wonders in Singapore roads!
7 Mar 2013
Lexus Singapore launches the all-new LS model

Lexus launches the all-new LS at their brand new Lexus Gallery at Leng Kee Road

Journalists gathered at the new Lexus Gallery showroom to witness th...

28 Jan 2013
Evan Muscular lines could bode well with the towkay affluent.
29 Jan 2013
Local News: COE Results for January Round 2

Certificates of Entitlement (COE) have closed lower in all categories except in Cat E following this round of bidding.

Category A (Cars under 1,600cc)...

23 Jan 2013
Evan Hello $100k COE!
23 Jan 2013
Looking to get spotted by us?
Well, you could play your part by making it a whole lot easier for us. 

We have compiled a couple of photos that will show you the exact places that we will be lookin...

18 Jan 2013
johnbenedict Yes we welcome motorbikes as well! Please go ahead and take part.
23 Jan 2013
Fndsgp Hi! I've actually sent twice requesting the car decal. Any chance getting one soon?
21 Feb 2013
Fndsgp Hi! I've actually sent twice requesting the car decal. Any chance getting one soon.
21 Feb 2013
johnbenedict Hi Fendy,

Thank you for your message.

Apologies for the long wait. We had to reorder a new batch of decals because we ran out.

Now that the order has arrived, I have personally made sure...
21 Feb 2013
kevinkkm Hi! like Fendy I've actually sent twice requesting the car decal. Any chance getting one soon.

Thanks and best regards,
25 Feb 2013
johnbenedict Hi Kevin,

Thanks for letting us know! We will send one to you immediately.

Apologies for the long wait.

Best Regards
26 Feb 2013
drkedge Hi John, I have yet to receive the new car decal too although my request submission have been weeks ago. Please advise thanks!
26 Feb 2013
johnbenedict Hi drkegde,

Its on its way! Apologies for the long wait.

1 Mar 2013
Edwin1406 Hi john, I too requested for the car decal very much earlier but it never came... care to check?
5 Apr 2013
johnbenedict Hi Edwin,

Would it be possible to send me your details to my email: so that I may verify your posting address?

I will just need your full name and email address.

17 Apr 2013
Announcing the winners of's Secret Santa Giveaway

23 lucky winners will each walk away with their respective prize

A big thank you to all who have participated in our S...

17 Jan 2013
Evan Congratulations everyone!
17 Jan 2013

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