Audi A5 Sportback 3.2 FSI quattro (A)

We've already known that the A5 Sportback offers the style of a coupe but yet has the practicality of an estate car. We need to find out though, if the 2.2 V...

30 May 2010
silvine Typo regarding the capacity on the abstract below the title
31 May 2010
edlaz Thanks for the notification silvine. It's been fixed now.
31 May 2010
rkdude Audi have always marketed the A5 Sportback as a strict 4-seater hence the provision of only 2 seatbelts in the rear.

Hence I think your comment about the rear transmission tunnel affecting the m...
31 May 2010

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31 May 2010
30 Nov 2010