Hi there,
Just wanna share with you on this so that no one will kena con again at JB .
Few weeks back i went to JB for car balancing  & alignment. The mechanic told me that my wheel not straight and...

26 Apr 2011
Evan oh Camber... not chamber.
27 Apr 2011
nkhoo Nope... not doing anything or raise my car. 
Btw, can anyone recommend good & trustable mechanic at JB ? Thinking to go there for next service. Thanks in advance .. cheers
27 Apr 2011
chendaniel What car you driving?
You can try HV racing.
27 Apr 2011
chendaniel plenty of singapore cars there
But if you didnt do anything to your ride height, then a camber nut shouldnt be necessary
27 Apr 2011
Am driving Altis. Not really familiar at JB. Can i hv some tips/address for HV racing ?  Near to Taman sentosa ?
27 Apr 2011
chendaniel Hmmm then i would think its better to go to another workshop. Most of the carz they do there are performance car. Why not go to workshops in singapore?
27 Apr 2011
Evan daniel so hiong... go JB to zhng car...
27 Apr 2011
chendaniel Not me... My Friends. Ive got JB phobia! i prefer going to workshops in singapore
27 Apr 2011
nkhoo yeah.. lesson learnt. Got to go back to Sgp workshop BMotor as my car still under warranty.
28 Apr 2011
chendaniel Yeah you should do that! Cheers
28 Apr 2011

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