New home for Alfa Romeo

New showroom at Leng Kee to provide better brand visibility and more convenience

Alfa Romeo yesterday celebrated the opening of their newest showroom.

Located at 11 Le...

7 Oct 2009
eugn86 Wow, look at that 8C! Costs as much as a F430 but more rarer. Utterly beautiful...
7 Oct 2009
darryn It's a shame that all of the 8Cs are taken - though I wouldn't be at all surprised if some time in the nearish future Alfa announce another similiar car - maybe something in the vein of the Stradal...
7 Oct 2009
8 Oct 2009
Europe: Ultra-economical Audi A4 TDI gets the ‘e’ treatment

New A4 2.0 TDIe combines 3.9 liters/100 km and 120g CO2 output with strong performance from 134 hp common rail diesel

The Audi A4 earn...

10 Jul 2009
peaceracer Why oh Why is Spore's Diesel tax structure as such?!?!
10 Jul 2009
darryn Over 25km a litre on a combined cycle. And remember that diesel takes less energy to refine in the first place than petrol - making it doubly efficient. Methinks it's time for the government to t...
10 Jul 2009
LMLP640 Is SG government blind or what? They should review the diesel policy long time ago and what had they done now
10 Jul 2009
Singapore: The Stunning new Lotus Evora 2+2

Lotus reveals its Evora pre-production model to local media.

The first all-new Lotus since the iconic Elise roadster made its debut in 1995, the Evora...

4 Jun 2009
vinceyeo More than 1.3ton and its considered lightweight... zzz
4 Jun 2009
darryn Considering that the Porsche 911 9US Spec) weighs in at 1584 kg, the R8 @ 1560 and the 370Z @ 1531, yeah I would consider the Evora lightweight.

Of course if you want something more track focus...
4 Jun 2009
Apparently only 2000 units were made, I wonder how many will make it here.
4 Jun 2009
furyhawk my dream car~~~ lightweight sport car. Not as light as I hoped
4 Jun 2009
kkchai Nice for family and weekend racy car... but 3.5L road tax.... if there are chances they op for I4 with force induction sure will be good...
5 Jun 2009
Nice... classy on the inside... Sexy on the outside..
definitely a Babe Magnet....  yummy.. SEX_IT_UP!!!!
6 Jun 2009

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