We are well into mid December of the school holidays, if you decide to take a last minute trip up North, then be sure to stay vigilant this festive season as when there are more travellers, there w...

16 Dec 2010
Evan Thanks for the tips! but I don't think I'd be going up this dec...
17 Dec 2010
cherie went up to malaysia on sunday morning 10am via 2nd link.

sg customs and immigration was easy to clear. it took at least 2 hours to clear the malaysia side.

be prepared for jams jams jams and more jam...
21 Dec 2010
Evan 2 hours quite standard during the yr end holiday season and CNY. Bring your PSP, laptop games, iphone apps, whatever to pass the time. and... don't drink too much water/coffee before leaving. haha
22 Dec 2010
Western Desert, Egypt

After a whole week of hectic schedules filled with a plethora of activities like preparing an important presentation, attending important meetings, taking your child to school, taking your spouse t...

19 Nov 2010
WD45 Australia East coast - Queensland southwards 9 days!
19 Nov 2010
iankan I drove on the newly opened roads in Guangzhou, leading all the way to the capital Beijing, mountains and quaint little villages flanking my cruise down.
22 Nov 2010
Evan The dream location to drive for me would probably be at Isle of Skye, Scotland.
22 Nov 2010
cherie the view from the German autobahn is fantastic. Munich, specifically.

great ocean road is nice also 
30 Nov 2010
This car was spotted in our pre-owned section, how about a car that comes all equipped with your personal KTV machine. aha

Now....would this car be your love.. https://www.oneshift.com/preowned/ads_d...

29 Nov 2010
cherie maybe it's needed for sg idol in training
30 Nov 2010
The next Oneshift Community Meet Up happens on the 16th of December 2010, at 0700pm, Renault (Leng Kee Show Room)

An exciting test drive of the all new Renault Fluence, the wickedly fast Megane RS a...

30 Nov 2010
iankan Wow. just barely 3 hours since we announced this event over half of the spaces have been taken up, places are going like hot cakes!
30 Nov 2010
Nosneb The fluence seems like a really nice vehicle. Check out the road test. http://www.oneshift.com/articles/article.php?artid=797
30 Nov 2010
cherie free car test free food. sure winner.

lets hope it's not bad food. hahahaha =p
30 Nov 2010
iankan Join us for the next Meetup!
1 Dec 2010
Evan I hear the Renault meetup response is overwhelming!
1 Dec 2010
iankan Thanks for the overwhelming response. we are close to capacity for the above meet-up. Keep them coming!
3 Dec 2010
iankan Due to an overwhelming demand, Oneshift has decided to extend 10 more invitations to the Oneshift-Renault Community Meet Up event. Follow the instructions in the first post to RSVP TODAY!
14 Dec 2010
ifconfig well done, team oneshift. the rs250 is impressive, esp the suspension on how it handles over humps @ 80km/h (no thanks to denis lian though)

hope to see more of such community gatherings.
17 Dec 2010
iankan We are glad that you liked it! Stay tuned for more exciting community meet ups and of course contests!
20 Dec 2010
I've been submitting brands that are not in the list of upgrades... but how come... after so many weeks the brand still not there?

Wanna add the following brands:
JIC Magic

And there...

17 Nov 2010
Evan Hi Cherie, which email did you send it to?
18 Nov 2010
cherie Um... not sure it didn't state.. I just selected the option to "Suggest a brand" something like that?
18 Nov 2010
Evan Thanks, will get tech to check up on it.
19 Nov 2010
cherie any updates?
27 Nov 2010
cherie their site is up again! http://www.rotora.com/

thanks for the adds! =) i can finally update my ride
30 Nov 2010
Hi, my current Lancer glx is on stock 15" ralliart rim + yokohama db decibel 195/60/15.

I planning to change, maybe this friday but not sure which profile to choose. I want to have wider width, bett...

10 Nov 2010
I dun have any fussy requirement actually but more to I'm comfort over performance. I don't do cornering that much but cruise fast maybe.

Yokohama db decibel to me is quite noisy, grip on wet quite ...
10 Nov 2010
neutral Usually good wet performance tyres will have bigger grooves to dissipate water, hence it will also have more air to flow through, making it noisy.

In Singapore, we get hot and wet weather throughout...
10 Nov 2010
Evan The bummer is that good performance tyres comes in larger sizes. I settled for the Falkens 912s recently because of my oddly sized 16" rims. The Goodyear Eagle F1 assyms that I want were not availa...
10 Nov 2010
pass09 Quote:
"Formerly posted by cherie:
What kind of tyres are you looking for? what is your criteria?

Wet grip, dry grip? are you picky about comfort issues? noise?

how abt budget? road feel and handling...
10 Nov 2010
pass09 Quote:
"Formerly posted by neutral: Usually good wet performance tyres will have bigger grooves to dissipate water, hence it will also have more air to flow through, making it noisy.

In Singapore, we...
10 Nov 2010

you quoted  '' but of coz it is also possible to get quiet tyres that are good ....'', can you recommend some of these tires?where to get it? money is no the problem.,but poor quality is a ...
10 Nov 2010
Evan I also heard the falken's become skiddish and noisy after 50% usage too. I'll keep updated about the 912s I'm currently (2 weeks into) using, which is currently great I feel. However I have bad exp...
11 Nov 2010
Changed to Eagle F1 Asymmetric a few months ago. Quite happy with them, so far...
13 Nov 2010
cherie Quote:
"Formerly posted by Char: Grippy tires are usually noisy and I have lived with that for a while. Not sure if I can get the grippy ones for my 15. AD08, Toyo T1R, BS RE etc"

ad08 comes in 2...
13 Nov 2010
ifconfig Quote:
"Formerly posted by Char: Grippy tires are usually noisy and I have lived with that for a while. Not sure if I can get the grippy ones for my 15. AD08, Toyo T1R, BS RE etc"

get that T1R! che...
14 Nov 2010
Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6 (A)

One of the most popular models on our roads has a new engine that is more powerful but more efficient as well. Raymond Lai lives with it for a couple of days.

31 Oct 2010
edlaz 40 Million boring people have already bought a Corolla. That's a big chunk of the market by anyone's standards. Making a car that appeals stylistically to a niche group of people (Eg. Passat CC buy...
2 Nov 2010
wong6119 I hope the people from Borneo Motors will consider bringing in the corolla altis with manual transmission. If not, manual transmission lovers will go for Hyundai Avante, Suzuki Swift, Kia Cerato an...
2 Nov 2010
edlaz @Anonymous [I would love to have a name I could call you by other than anon, no offense meant truthfully but I'd like a username I could address you by]

Well, I would love to have a Passat reba...
4 Nov 2010
WD45 It could be deliberate. You can't have lower priced cars to look too great otherwise no one will pay more for the next range up. The same happens to electronic goods even when costs become so much ...
9 Nov 2010
cherie the target market of the toyota altis has always been the family ah pek looking for a normal old fashioned, reliable sedan car. hence, a design that's not too different from the previous generation...
9 Nov 2010
Evan Cherie's got a point. Many (likely to be mature) folks buy cars because of familiarity and Toyotas have been known to be reliable over the past many decades. And also because there is a fear, warra...
10 Nov 2010
neutral At the end, it's marketing... you designed a normal looking car for your low end and stunning looking ones for your high end...

But... I still think a little improvement on the looks will captur...
10 Nov 2010
WD45 good point too... the cerato fortes sold alot more cars in its class just by having better design and of course being feature rich didn't hurt.
11 Nov 2010
c32b altis is a good fuel saver and my family altis is still looking good after quite a few years... i wouldnt stray from that winning formula
12 Nov 2010
WD45 Latio has a better tuned engine? or different BHP measurement standards?
16 Nov 2010

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