Hello all. Just wondering if any Malaysians here who recently did a license conversion to Singapore license. On the TP website says we need "an extract from Jabatan Pengangutan Jalan (JPJ) is compu...

19 Jul 2008
Bad Manners is the route to road rage according to survey

Boy racers, drivers who don’t thank you when you let them out and drivers who show off are the top three types of drivers that AA members...

15 Oct 2009
in short... they hate every other driver on the road apart from themselves...... lol
16 Oct 2009
accyt1978 That's not too bad.. In Singapore it would have been much worst... haha.. but i do hate those drivers who dun say wave a THANK YOU after u let them changed into the lane... dun understand why it's ...
16 Oct 2009
jasontang what is white van man and sunday drivers? actually the worst driver are those on their mobile phone and road hogging at the same time..almost want to show him center finger..cannot tahan
16 Oct 2009
Burgerlim totally agreed with the list.. especially with those racer driver.. peak road.. sometimes.. they just want to overtake.. haaa...
16 Oct 2009
Evan Actually saying "thank you" with a wave may be misconstrued as overbearing if without the smile being visible. The gesture may also not be clear behind tinted windows. And being Singaporean, most p...
16 Oct 2009
Sagaman Boyracer with lack of skills,Taxi drivers who think they're king of the road.Honky Tonk man..
16 Oct 2009
eugn86 They are so lucky, no problems with ROAD-HOGGING! ARGH! Maybe should educate all drivers to drive at the speed limit in the middle lane to improve traffic flow. Sometimes you see a stupid driver dr...
16 Oct 2009
Hi, All

Sorry for another typical question,
Coming considering of getting a car for family needs. did some homework and come to mind about some 2 years old
civic 1.6VTI at around 50k

2 Jan 2009
sumo What's the annual depreciation of the 2 second-hand cars? Mileage and condition? regular serviced? Note that Kah motors voids warranty if the car isn't serviced by them.

Of course if you can aff...
2 Jan 2009
TCX607 Burgerlim The pro for 2nd hand car is price $$$. Currently, the 2nd car demand is very low and you definitely able to get a good price for Civic 2yrs old at 50K.
If you have confirmed your wheel,...
4 Jan 2009
Burgerlim Hi, Sumo
Thanks for reply

primary reason is at my budget for new cars choice is very limited..

Yes well aware, considering of looking for a deal with still 3rd year warranty (in service) ...
7 Jan 2009
WD45 In this economic climate, you could probably get a decent new family car at the price range you have specified. COE is at historic lows and cars are at a bargain. Save all the hassle of potential h...
8 Jan 2009
check this out - News

24 Dec 2008
vinceyeo Yea hence why its dangerous to buy 2nd hand cars through strangers. If its Uncle I will trust him tho
24 Dec 2008
haffisx waaahh....stupid stupid stupid..
24 Dec 2008
24 Dec 2008
TCX607 This is normal practice for most dealers.
My previous car sold to dealer also have encountered mileage inconsistency during their adv.
It give me the impression that all informations disclosed by...
25 Dec 2008
Burgerlim Think with enough evident one could sue the Dealers?
but.. not sure its worth the $$$ though..
2 Jan 2009
sumo Not worth the hassle. Should post this dealer's name and blacklist among the forums. By falsely declaring such things, the next owner could get into serious trouble or injury.
2 Jan 2009
TCX607 Today, the business world has changed. With all the news we see & hear in finanical & investment today shows integity is no longer exist.
Automobil markets even Japanese & German are giving false ...
4 Jan 2009
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