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The biennial Singapore Motorshow will be back from 10-19 November 2006 to once again dazzle the crowds with an exciting display of automobile launches, concept cars and adr...

8 Oct 2006
The Show is back... time to have a good time and maybe buy a few cars.. hahaha

9 Oct 2006
lightfinger This stretches 10 days? Any idea when it's open to public?
9 Oct 2006
accyt1978 no one see that.. so that means mine is more obvious.. can close the other one liao.. hahahhaha.. with permission from the author of cos..
9 Oct 2006
femaledriver Are cars cheaper during the motorshow?
31 Oct 2006
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"Formerly posted by femaledriver:
Are cars cheaper during the motorshow?"

May be(will not be much though), but most likely is more freebies.
1 Nov 2006
Looking for a car. Am comparing between Mazda 3 SP and 1.6 Honda Civic Sedan 5AT VTI and Altis. Having difficulty justifying the addition 13k for the Honda. Any advice?

25 Oct 2006

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25 Oct 2006
29 Nov 2006

Know nuts about cars.