This is an open discussion for the news First Images of Hamann BMW X6 Surface

"First Hartge, and now even Hamann has their kits for the new BMW X6 ready!

Eager to capture the attention of the muc...

10 Jun 2008
LMLP640 Nice add on the to the X6
11 Jun 2008
JohnK Be prepared to make concessions when negotiating for a West Coast Motor Sport - Hamann BMW. You might not be able to afford what you want at the dealer; shop around! Missing heated sets will not ru...
26 Mar 2014
This is an open discussion for the news Tata completes Jaguar and Land Rover acquisition

"It is now official - Tata Motors owns both the Jaguar and Land Rover brands.

Ford has handed over the rig...

5 Jun 2008
LMLP640 Finally some curry taste to the british feel
5 Jun 2008
Evan Looks like the rise of India is unstoppable, coming from the commonwealth country first colonised by the British, this is something to think about!
5 Jun 2008
xiaomarkge Another feather in the cap for Asia.

A remarkable acquisition of a brand name synonomous with the very best of British.

5 Jun 2008
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12 Feb 2014
Ferrari's new local dealer opens

Ital Auto, Singapore's official importer for Ferrari starts business

Ital Auto Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Komoco Holdings, yesterday officially assumes the busines...

27 Sep 2009

"Formerly posted by pass09:
have you ever seen a LV boutiq open next to a G2000 or some beverage stores?

If you think ferrari should compare with other domestic car except that poorly s...
3 Oct 2009
haha,,,can see that your mind is rather shallow here. what do you think if the ferrari occupied one of the entire floor in taka or ION, either the basement or highest retail mall or rather located ...
3 Oct 2009

"Formerly posted by pass09: well,,wrong location! why would ferrari live or compete with the domestic brands?is it running out of financial support? ... why isnt the showroom located in...
4 Oct 2009
pass09 Quote:
"Formerly posted by Stefano:

"Formerly posted by pass09: well,,wrong location! why would ferrari live or compete with the domestic brands?is it running out of financial support? ...
4 Oct 2009


I know u r immune... it's not hard to tell... hahaha.... poor soul, gooood nite...
5 Oct 2009
This is an open discussion for the news Lotus to develop OMNIVORE research engine

"Lotus conducts research study into engine efficiency when utilising sustainable second and third generation bio f...

10 Sep 2008
LMLP640 If can use any type of alcohol on it would be better but think still far away from it
10 Sep 2008
Atypical InFlow Thermodynamic
Technology Proposal Submission
Novel Fueled Motor Engine Type

*State of the art Innovative concept Top system Higher efficient percent.
15 Apr 2013
Mini John Cooper Works 1.6 (A)

The ultimate Mini Cooper is now available with an automatic transmission, making its appeal even wider now - a little too late, or fashionably late? Azfar Hashim de...

16 Feb 2013
Nissan Note DIG-S 1.2 (A)

Nissan's compact mini arrives to replace, well, everything else in its segment - but does it have all the right notes?

26 Jan 2013
Wombat_VC Good to see something like this introduced. Unfortunately, the current COE structure will severely limit cars like this. I think it is about time COE categorisation needs a big overhaul.
27 Jan 2013
Anonymous The Golf Sport was $89K 4 years ago. Over $40K difference from the Aveo 5 mentioned in the article is hardly "spare change"!
27 Jan 2013
Anonymous The bulldozer company called. It want's its ugly shovel back.
7 Feb 2013
Audi TT TFSI 1.8 (A)

Despite its long presence in the market, the TT remains desirable - and if you've been wanting one, this 1.8-litre variant should be right down your alley

30 Jan 2013
Comparo - Volkswagen CrossPolo TSI 1.2 (A), Nissan Juke 1.6 (A)

Both pint-sized SUVs appropriate for our urban jungle, but which one is better?

22 Jan 2013
Audi Q5 TFSI 3.0 (A)

The Q5's latest update includes saying farewell to the 3.2-litre V6 lump, and hello to a more potent 3.0-litre supercharged one

15 Jan 2013
Volkswagen Golf Sport TSI 1.4 (A)

Singapore's best-selling hatchback returns in Mark 7 guise, and it looks all set to sell

12 Jan 2013
Anonymous The new golf's 1.4 tsi does not have a supercharger anymore, it is purely turbocharged. Pls fine tune research before posting, thanks.
12 Jan 2013
Anonymous Kindly re-confirm if this mk 7 is the latest EA211 engine with cylinder deactivation as there is no mention of this technology in your review. A good review has photo's of the engine too, this one ...
13 Jan 2013
Anonymous hmmm, did the reviewer physically drive the car or is this a virtual test drive report...this review seems somewhat disconnected.
13 Jan 2013
azfar Hi,

Yes, this is the EA211 engine, and on the oversight of this writer, would apologise for the errors omitted. After further research, would confirm that this is a fully turbocharged engine. An...
13 Jan 2013
Anonymous Gear box 7spd dry clutch still major global issue.
Servicing need book at least 2-3 months ahead
13 Jan 2013
azfar Dear Anonymous,

While it says so in the official VW website, we have double checked just for you with Volkswagen Centre Singapore and even they have confirmed that Cylinder Deactivation is "avai...
14 Jan 2013
BMW X1 sDrive20i 2.0 (A)

With the update, BMW's entry-level SUV looks and sounds very attractive

8 Jan 2013
Peugeot 408 Turbo 1.6 (A)

Peugeot pulls out a party trick just before the year comes to an end

24 Dec 2012
Anonymous The Renault Megane RS which is so highly rated for its handling has a torsion beam rear suspension. What makes you think the 408 would not be able to handle well if it had the same setup?
24 Dec 2012
caddilacwong Is the car imported from Malaysia?
24 Dec 2012
Anonymous @Oneshift - did you just say that the rear overhang is 1.3m long??
26 Dec 2012
Anonymous its a 308 with a boot, made in msia, and obviously will be a theft magnet

buy at own risk
26 Dec 2012
Anonymous I believe you meant one-tenth of a second slower than a Jetta Sport? Not one second?
27 Dec 2012
Anonymous I hope Grace is nice
4 Jan 2013
BMW ActiveHybrid 3 3.0 (A)

A hybrid 3 Series sounds awkward, but BMW thinks otherwise

31 Dec 2012
Land Rover Discovery 4 SDV6 HSE 3.0 (A)

Now that the government has turned diesel-friendly, Azfar Hashim thinks drivers should brace themselves for more options like the Discovery 4.

31 Oct 2012
Anonymous Your review about Land rover discovery is informative. It is really great work. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I have <a href=\"
28 Dec 2012
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30 Dec 2012
Volkswagen Tiguan TSI 1.4 (A)

Small, powerful engine in an SUV a winning formula?

22 Dec 2012
Opel Astra GTC Turbo 1.4 (A)

An Opel coupe that has more curves than a Scirocco sounds interesting...

16 Dec 2012
Porsche Panamera Diesel V6 3.0 (A)

A diesel Porsche that passes off as its V8 brethren - sounds interesting, eh?

13 Dec 2012
Chrysler 300C V6 3.6 (A)

With much needed updates, the 300C suddenly turned into a much worthy alternative

9 Dec 2012
Comparo - Volkswagen Passat TSI 1.4 (A), Peugeot 508 Turbo 1.6 (A)

Just when you thought it cannot go any smaller, Volkswagen came along with a talented, small-hearted Passat. But the French 508 ...

27 Nov 2012
Anonymous Is the front ventilation with hot or cold air as the control switches settings were spotted in red colour? For Singapore climate, cold air would be preferred.
1 Dec 2012
Anonymous I mean the Front ventilation seats.
1 Dec 2012
azfar Unfortunately those are seat warmers... Which we reckon can only be used on very cold days or when driving around the M\'sian highlands.
1 Dec 2012
Anonymous The Passat does have proper ventilated seats though.
2 Dec 2012
tuan-chiang The 508SW will be an alternative if you need more accessible boot space. Whatever you can find in the allure plus variant of 508, it has it and more. The panaromic moonroof from front row to back ...
7 Dec 2012
Mercedes-Benz B200 Chrome (A)

The B-Class is essentially a small MPV and hatchback combined into one package - like it?

3 Dec 2012
Hyundai Veloster Turbo GDI 2.0 (A)

This, the hotter Veloster, now has Scirocco-equalling power to play with: yay or nay?

1 Dec 2012
BMW Z4 sDrive28i 2.0 (A)

Always liked the Z4 but put off by the big engine? Fret not - a smaller-engined, more efficient 2.0-litre variant is now available

21 Nov 2012
Mercedes-Benz SL350 3.5 (A)

The Mercedes-Benz SL is rich in history, and according to Azfar Hashim, this latest iteration will go down history books as one of the more iconic SL built

12 Nov 2012
Anonymous The SL should be compared to the 911 cab no?
15 Nov 2012
azfar Good idea for a comparison. Watch this space.
20 Nov 2012
Ford Focus ST 2.0 (M)

The manual-only Focus ST returns with a vengeance, with so much abilities hidden under those sheetmetal - question is, can it attract local Golf GTI and Megane RS fans?

18 Nov 2012
First Impression - BMW 740Li

Azfar Hashim was there when BMW launched their F01 7 Series four years ago, now he heads to Yogyakarta to sample the updated 740 Li – any impact?

8 Nov 2012
Audi S7 Sportback 4.0 (A) TFSI quattro

Azfar Hashim fought hard to get his hands on Audi’s latest S7 just a few days after its local launch – so was it worth it?

4 Nov 2012
Toyota Camry 2.5 (A)

The newest Camry's exterior might need some getting used to, but Azfar Hashim reckons if you really want one, the 2.5-litre version is the one to get

26 Oct 2012
Audi A6 Hybrid 2.0

Now it is Audi's turn to present a hybrid option for discerning buyers who care for the environment. Azfar Hashim finds out how it fares.

23 Oct 2012
A new owner for Hummer

Chinese Sichuan Tengzhong to take over the American icon

General Motors (GM) and Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd (Tengzhong), yesterday announced tha...

10 Oct 2009
knighttony13 I hope this would not make the quality of the Hummer very bad. I’ve searched for some recalls and thought that there should be a big reason behind this. What  I think is that the Chinese should als...
1 Sep 2012
Group Test - Chevrolet Aveo5 1.4 (M), Mazda 2 1.5 (A), Suzuki Swift 1.5 (A)

"Are you rocked with the desire for a practical compact hatch to ferry you around in, but have no desire to fork out to...

2 Aug 2008
valenwolf I think Mazda 2 got the car of the year award for its category?
2 Aug 2008
stevenmitchelle Yeah i agree this car must have an award and i like the red one if ever i will buy this one... i hope that parts of the car are also good in quality...
22 May 2012

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