I saw the advert of GR90 tyre. Is this tyre already in SIN? From write-up, this tyre make in Thailand. It suppose to perform better on wet road than GR80 made in Japan.
Pls share your view on this t...

3 Jan 2010
TCX607 I got the Torque magz and there is a write up on GR90. Looking at the pattern of the tyre, I am sceptical on this model for being better than GR80.
what do you think?
4 Jan 2010
ztcc78 saw the pic online.. the thread does not look convincing to me
anyway. got to wait for someone to try it out..
4 Jan 2010
wilswong For the readers the picture of the GR80 and 90



5 Jan 2010
wilswong Turanzas usually are designed for touring/cruising/ every day car use so if we compare the good sports tyre patterns, of course can see the grip area of the tyre is not as pronounced (say compare t...
5 Jan 2010
Finally, I have change my tire to GR90 last two weeks.
I can drive with comfort and confident. This Ultra comfort tire is indeed very good for singapore normal driving.
I have tried on raining d...
24 Mar 2010
Hi, just changed to GR90 couple weeks back, originally on falken 522. Did NSH driving last weekend and found that it is quite good. Very quiet since im on 17" and driving mazda3 (which is not that ...
4 Jul 2011

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4 Jul 2011
4 Jul 2011