Hi all,

I need some recommendation for you. I am upgrading/getting a 2nd family car to a MPV however, there are too many out there. I need something which I will drive for next 7-10 yrs, theref...

3 Feb 2007
akira Hi Steve!

Welcome to oneshift.com!

Fr your posting, i thot u have pretty much answered yr own query. Perhaps u only need an affirmation to buy the Honda Odyssey?

It is still reviewed as ...
3 Feb 2007
ifconfig opel zafira
3 Feb 2007
CarGod74 Toyota Wish cos FC very good... Save $$$ on petrol
7 Feb 2007
stevecsy hi all,

Thanks for the reply, 95k and Road tax...a bit on the high side for odyssey.

really need some advise...Thank you

7 Feb 2007
unknow Bro, if you think that toyota wish is very common now because, in terms of maintainence, Road tax and fuel have already save you alot. plus from 2003 till 2007 toyota wish is still the best selling...
8 Feb 2007
stevecsy Thanks on the link to GS. I will drop by to check it out.

on the note, I do agree on the support for Toyota Wish. but.....

Still evaluating...

Thanks bros for replying.

8 Feb 2007
sonicmood I was doing some car hunting last dec06 and was thinking of getting a MPV too.
So went around to test drive both Renault GS and Opel Zafira.
I would say that both are good in their safety Eurcab5...
8 Feb 2007
sonicmood I forgot to mention the new Kia Caren.
Cheapest of the three (GS,Zafira,Caren)
Comfortable drive with good headroom and very nice interior workmanship for a Korean car maker. Quiet drive with min...
8 Feb 2007
stevecsy Thanks bro.

have left caren out totally, cos usually 6 adults family outing...and have seen the "boot" space...no way for me to fit my stroller.

Thanks again.
10 Feb 2007
nextreal I drive the Odyssey, so naturally, I would recommend it. However, here's to answering your priorities.

FC - Some of my club members get up to 11+km/l. Car is stock with lots of highway cruising....
24 Feb 2007

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