Has anyone seen a flash mob in Singapore before?? Don't think they're very common, but i just saw my first one last friday at Shaw Lido.

This red carpet leading up to a black and red DBS booth was i...

16 Oct 2012
BenjiTan sounds pretty cool. i would also want the imax tickets.
so just tap then can win?
16 Oct 2012
jchoo Yeah just tap your phone and you can win something. My friend got a popcorn combo and I got IMAX tickets haha shiok
17 Oct 2012

2 Jan 2012
Audi R8 GT Named Sports Car of The Year

The Audi R8 GT is “Sports Car of the Year 2011” in the category “Production Supercars.” 2011 marks the 10th time that a jury from the Auto Bild SportsCars ...

6 Dec 2011
Totally agree with this choice. What an amazing car.
6 Dec 2011
BenjiTan better looking than the gallardo!!
6 Dec 2011
Toyota Camry Hybrid 2.4 (A)

One of Singapore's best-sellers joins the petrol-electric brigade

11 Sep 2010
It isn't the prettiest car around but it sure is reliable. It could do with better fuel effieciency though. and I agree, design it to look nicer. the inside is so drab! 
31 Oct 2011
Re-introduce Lancia or expand Chrysler?

Justin Lee deliberates if the Italians should re-introduce Lancia to right hand drive markets or to just rebadge them as Chryslers, like what it is being d...

14 Oct 2011
I saw the Lancia featured on Top Gear.. Damn.. It looks soo badass. It's a touring car no? should be epic fun to drive! Bring it back!!
31 Oct 2011
aliced456 Lancia
Hi,I never seen Lancia.But heard about that its good for big family.

5 May 2012
Motorsports: Red Bull Clinches Constructors' Title

Renault and Renault Sport F1 would like to offer its congratulations to Red Bull Racing for securing the 2011 constructors’ title at the Korean ...

17 Oct 2011
so can i assume renault provides the car red bull offers the drivers and hence the partnership ?
17 Oct 2011
Volkswagen Launches the New Beetle in the U.S.

Volkswagen of America and a number of its dealerships nationwide today welcomed the official arrival of the all-new 2012 Beetle for 276 enthusiastic...

17 Oct 2011
firstly only redesigned twice in history ?

secondly anyone can get me tix to that episode of oprah winfrey . jealous much ?
17 Oct 2011
Local News: Caltex Gives Out 1 Million Thanks! Points

Caltex™ is proud to announce the grand prize winner of its recent “Scratch & Win!” promotion. Mr Poh Chwee Yan, 54, has won 1 million Thanks!...

6 Oct 2011
jchoo imagine if a taxi driver had won the prize instead haha
17 Oct 2011
Hi there

Im planning to visit singapore for a few days,
what are the best shops where i can purchase car accessories 
ex : HID lights , boost gauges etc for a reasonable price..

Thank you 

3 Jul 2011
tivrulez no oone?
4 Jul 2011
daeric_jr Hi there, have you checked out the Pitstop section in Oneshift.com? You can always give them a call for quotations and etc.
5 Jul 2011
tivrulez: You may wish to visit this as well
16 Aug 2011
are the ones you guys posted any good?
5 Oct 2011
Toyota Fortuner 2.7 (A)

The Fortuner gets a new lease of life once again thanks to some subtle styling updates and so on. Can the new look improve the Fortuner’s er… fortunes?

23 Sep 2011
Wombat_VC I can't see the point of having such a utilitarian SUV in a 2WD form. I may as well get the Captiva or Santa Fe or something.
23 Sep 2011
edlaz Like the Tiguan's ST ad copy: "Not that you would but you could." Tis true, no one would take it off road.
25 Sep 2011
thunderchief Looks like a Vanguard front grill. Hands me down looks and parts perhaps...
25 Sep 2011
Wombat_VC " Like the Tiguan's ST ad copy: 'Not that you would but you could.' Tis true, no one would take it off road."

Haha, unfortunately, with only 2WD, it could not.
26 Sep 2011
hanafiah Extremely ancient. Toyota seems to play us Singaporeans for a fool by their list of crappy offerings. 4 speed auto? Come on.....
3 Oct 2011
i think there are a little bit of both but no worries man i think you are cool
5 Oct 2011
Green Drive: Toyota Prius 2012 US Edition

Toyota, the world leader in hybrid passenger cars and SUVs, introduced the Prius Plug-in Hybrid at the annual Green Drive Expo, as the newest member of t...

22 Sep 2011
My only question: will it have the same problems (in the spare parts) as the earlier batch of prius-es which almost made toyota go bust as they did not replace the parts for the entire batch?
26 Sep 2011
First Look: BMW M5

Fifth generation of the world’s most successful high-performance sedan in the premium segment of the executive class; new BMW M5 is an exceptionally dynamic high-performance sp...

24 Sep 2011
jchoo wow wow ~

where and when can i do an actual test drive man ;P
26 Sep 2011
Launch of McLaren Automotive Asia Pte Ltd

McLaren Automotive Asia Pte Ltd announced as McLaren Automotive’s Asia Pacific hub, based in Singapore

24 Sep 2011
jchoo thanks schumacher for the only viable excitement during this year's f1

"Formerly posted by raymondlai: Launch of McLaren Automotive Asia Pte Ltd McLaren Automotive Asia Pte Ltd announced as M...
26 Sep 2011

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