Guys, it seen a long time never meet up.

2 Jun 2011
fpchong Yalor.....anyway, this week i will be on road trip up North....see you....

7 Jun 2011
ifconfig where is steven_vw?? i guess just set a location and gather a few. no need to wait for a big turnout.
10 Jun 2011
I don't mind, if can meet that will be nice but the problem is over here is slow moving.
13 Jun 2011
steven_VW soon..soon... akan datang...... look out for announcement here...
15 Jun 2011
fpchong Can try arrange during weekend?

Friday nite should be ok.
15 Jun 2011
JBlunt I am new and would love to have a meetup. As i be able to make some friends.
17 Oct 2011
greggywong <br>
Steven...how come no more volunteer job this year? hehehee 
27 Oct 2011
Hi all,

I just got the STA report for a car I am going to purchase and i got a C for Bodywork/Floorboard. Any advice? The rest is all A and B. Overall is B.

Thanks to all!

31 Mar 2009

the paintwork, it looks fine to me, I really scrutinized it closely with my friends. traffic school
19 Oct 2013
The Chevrolet Camaro is an automobile manufactured by General Motors under the Chevrolet brand, classified as a pony car The current Camaro has been assembled in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada ... the Cam...
22 Oct 2013
f1fan More about BMW M4: According to the infornation provided by Cars Route, the Idea M4 Coupe previews the actual forthcoming production model also it seems the ideal version of BMW’s M philosophy. It ...
3 Feb 2014
If anyone is looking for where to pay fines or renew licences at LTA, HDB, URA, etc. Use the following link for almost anything singaporean.


20 Dec 2009
wwiliam654 hi..........................
25 Aug 2012
I agree, this is really awesome!:) Having an online site where we can do stuff like the renewal of license and paying fines is a great help and will save us time. On the other hand, I'd like to sha...
20 Nov 2012
29 Nov 2012
redletterboxed Yup! Thanks for sharing.
Heard from my bro that paying ERP fine online also have discount. Check it out at the link below!

19 May 2014
loltrim very good, thanks
25 Jun 2014
JakeTheSnake Thanks Evan, good link to have makes it so much easier to pay bills.
6 Sep 2015
aaradaa hii iam araadaa
3 Jun 2016
aaradaa This is an unfortunate situation. Did you do a PDI before allowing him to register the car? How bad are the dents and which dealer/manufacturer is this?

3 Jun 2016
aaradaa hii,

welcome to this forum site ,here you can find lots of things ,suggest you for your question you have to contact any other expert right now in have no knowledge about your qury sorry for t...
3 Jun 2016
BMW Performance track day

BMW Asia showcased its new range of BMW Performance products with a media track day at the Pasir Gudang circuit in Johor.

9 Sep 2011
JBlunt If you can elaborate more on how can we use this thread to track performance?<a href="http://www.chitownbootcampsblog.com/chicago-gym">chicago gym</a>
17 Oct 2011
Head-to-head: BMW X6 M (A) vs. Range Rover Sport Supercharged 5.0 V8 (A)

BMW’s force-fed X6 M takes on another forced aspirated V8 off roader – the supercharged Range Rover Sport. Raymond Lai pla...

6 Oct 2011
JBlunt They are changing there traditional look of BMW.
Tweaking things really helps. And changes sometimes do get more customers. There marketing department is thinking something big, i guess.
chicago gym
17 Oct 2011
Hi Folks,

Its time we do something healthy, burn some fats after all the goodies we stuffed into our bodies during Christmas, New Year and Chinese New year. Let's do some exercise and keep ourse...

26 Feb 2009

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