Any opinion about which car is better in term of price, performance and fuel consumption?. Appreciate your suggestion and opinion.
Thanks and have a nice week end

8 Dec 2006
accyt1978 one is 7 seater the other is a normal sedan..
one is only available thru PI the other is agent...
price wise.. avente cheaper...
wish is very common this days.. and it's ideal for big family..
8 Dec 2006
coldx avante has excellent handling, considering it's korean.. these koreans are picking up.. but it also depends on ur needs..
9 Dec 2006
accyt1978 yup.. the koreans are coming..
hehee... coldx.. can i request u to do my servicing.. ??
10 Dec 2006
layangman I took the Avante for a spin before I tried the Colt Plus Turbo.
The Avante is a nice ride, just that the steering feels a bit funny as it seems to self-center, but I guess one will get used to it...
10 Dec 2006
Matrix-lady Hi accyt 1978, Char,coldx and layangman thanks a lot for your reply and opinion.:)
11 Dec 2006
accyt1978 Quote:
"Formerly posted by Char:
I think we are probably more confusing then of help.
Which model are you inclined to? "

ahhahha... u are right... cos it's all our preference.. stick to ur bu...
11 Dec 2006
Matrix-lady Well, actually I prefer Toyota Wish but my brother in-law was mentioning about avante, so I kind of contemplating but I think I'll stick to my first choice, that also provided I can overtrade my Ma...
12 Dec 2006
neutral If you want higher overtrade, Hyundai should give you a better offer if you take another Hyundai, is it not?

Stick to your love, it won't go wrong.
12 Dec 2006

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