Peugeot 408 Turbo 1.6 (A)

Peugeot pulls out a party trick just before the year comes to an end

24 Dec 2012
Anonymous The Renault Megane RS which is so highly rated for its handling has a torsion beam rear suspension. What makes you think the 408 would not be able to handle well if it had the same setup?
24 Dec 2012
caddilacwong Is the car imported from Malaysia?
24 Dec 2012
Anonymous @Oneshift - did you just say that the rear overhang is 1.3m long??
26 Dec 2012
Anonymous its a 308 with a boot, made in msia, and obviously will be a theft magnet

buy at own risk
26 Dec 2012
Anonymous I believe you meant one-tenth of a second slower than a Jetta Sport? Not one second?
27 Dec 2012
Anonymous I hope Grace is nice
4 Jan 2013
Toyota Prius C 1.5 (A)

With the Prius C, Toyota is finally offering a more affordable hybrid model than the Prius, crucial at a time when fuel prices are on the up once again.

25 Mar 2012
caddilacwong When did Prius C rated 5-star EuroNCAP?
26 Mar 2012
ancolboy Hi Mark, thanks for the review. This being a mass market hybrid car targeted mainly to achieve high fuel efficiency. I can appreciate your view on how it drives and the ride quality, but what about...
3 Apr 2012
Hyundai Veloster 1.6 MPI (A)

Hyundai turns up the style and adds a touch of quirkiness with its new Veloster 1+2 door coupe.

15 Mar 2012
caddilacwong Interesting looking car!
16 Mar 2012
Hyundai i40 wagon 2.0 (A)

The i40 wagon might be an even smaller car than the i45 saloon but it makes for an even more convincing car. Mark Yeo explains why.

20 Jan 2012
caddilacwong I have checked 2 other websites and found that oneshift is showing 1998cc for i40 while others are showing 1999cc. I think that i40 is not using the same Theta II engine as i45 and K5 with 1998cc b...
26 Jan 2012
Anonymous I am looking forward to the diesel model
3 Jan 2013

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26 Jan 2012
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