Video: Die Hard's 11 million dollar chase scene

It seems the act of dying hard brings with it lots of destruction of the four-wheeled kind.

According to John Moore, director of A Good Day To Die...

18 Feb 2013
zyd_ambat nice movie!
19 Feb 2013
20 Feb 2013
Behind The Wheel In New Zealand Part 1 - South Island

Join us as we take you through the first half of our recent road trip to awe-inspiring New Zealand. The South Island offers unrivaled landsca...

27 Jul 2011
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13 Dec 2012
Oneshift goes to ZOUK was recently a GOLD Sponsor at SIM’S ANNUAL Pageant. The night was jammed packed with fun with pulsating music and flashing lights on the dance floor. 

5 Oct 2012
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16 Nov 2012
World Of Bentley Exhibition

Bentley exhibition brings a slice of its home in Crewe to Singapore; showcase of its largest test fleet in South East Asia. 

3 Aug 2012
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1 Oct 2012

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9 May 2012
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