Anybody knows what's the best petrol discount credit card in town?

28 Aug 2012
Evan Most about the same -10+%. I usually go with Everyday Card with SPC 17% rebate or UOB with Shell, 5% rebate plus shell escape perks and further rebates.
28 Aug 2012
ashleysweet44 i use uob card as well, i think not much of a diff really, depends more on which petrol brand you patronize then choose the card that has the best perks for it. 
5 Oct 2012
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14 Jul 2009
ifconfig is that twitter link having some issues?
27 Aug 2010
Cool thanks!
26 Sep 2012
JazzaTeo Quote:
"Formerly posted by ifconfig: is that twitter link having some issues?

I don't think so, I tried it and it works fine
27 Sep 2012
Adonissg Thanks. I am relatively new to this forum. I have found this site very informative. Very helpful indeed.
21 Oct 2014
gloriatorios This is very good thank you
11 Dec 2014
Merylle522 Thanks!
8 Aug 2016
I think only table tennis players did well.

10 Aug 2012
Haha yeah. There's an article on the Straits Times today about the rewards for our table tennis players.
26 Sep 2012
JazzaTeo Oh ya i saw that... rewarded quite well for their performance.
27 Sep 2012
Hello all. Just wondering if any Malaysians here who recently did a license conversion to Singapore license. On the TP website says we need "an extract from Jabatan Pengangutan Jalan (JPJ) is compu...

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