Haha imagine if this happened to your car??

Iced Car

Typical singaporean humor but humor nonetheless??

16 Nov 2012
kety_smith56 A interesting!
28 Nov 2012
lilymak HAHA that's unfortunate.
Effects could be better but the idea is there!!

Don't have an in-car camera, but considering the number of accidents on the roads these days, dunno if i should get one?? 
17 Dec 2012
Quite cool eh?? i think the video showed some blackberry models too?
What do you guys think, would you get it?

2 Nov 2012
Scott-Ducati keen to try it out.
6 Nov 2012
Hi all,

I just got the STA report for a car I am going to purchase and i got a C for Bodywork/Floorboard. Any advice? The rest is all A and B. Overall is B.

Thanks to all!

31 Mar 2009

the paintwork, it looks fine to me, I really scrutinized it closely with my friends. traffic school
19 Oct 2013
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22 Oct 2013
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3 Feb 2014
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14 Jul 2009
ifconfig is that twitter link having some issues?
27 Aug 2010
Cool thanks!
26 Sep 2012
JazzaTeo Quote:
"Formerly posted by ifconfig: is that twitter link having some issues?

I don't think so, I tried it and it works fine
27 Sep 2012
Adonissg Thanks. I am relatively new to this forum. I have found this site very informative. Very helpful indeed.
21 Oct 2014
gloriatorios This is very good thank you
11 Dec 2014
Merylle522 Thanks!
8 Aug 2016
I think only table tennis players did well.

10 Aug 2012
Haha yeah. There's an article on the Straits Times today about the rewards for our table tennis players.
26 Sep 2012
JazzaTeo Oh ya i saw that... rewarded quite well for their performance.
27 Sep 2012
Hello all. Just wondering if any Malaysians here who recently did a license conversion to Singapore license. On the TP website says we need "an extract from Jabatan Pengangutan Jalan (JPJ) is compu...

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