Ladies, The new Fiat 500 Gucci Convertible looks good!
More pictures of the new Gucci Convertible.
New Gucci

18 May 2011
Marcus_F Cool. The interior looks gd. Like the gearshift! Wonder what prada and chanel will do?
18 May 2011
selenezhang Nice car!!! Wonder what is looks like in real....
18 May 2011
Raytanbk So we buy this car from Gucci or Fiat??
19 May 2011
Nosneb Fiat! but you can buy a bag from Gucci to complement it. haha
19 May 2011
Raytanbk Oh?!! Eh... This sat, we go Gucci and say we wanna buy this Gucci car... Want?? Hahaaa...
19 May 2011
selenezhang hahah! you're super lame please! But I would like to see you try that!
20 May 2011
roy_tan Hi Oneshift folks.. Is there any car with a Chanel theme?
23 May 2011
ashleysweet44 sorry just stumbled upon this old thread, really cute car! Now that singapore has extended its contract for the F1, we have five more years to experience it. 
btw i have been looking at websites tha...
5 Oct 2012
Hi All,

Wanted to know what are your thoughts on the Lemon Law that will be imposed from 1st Sep.

I am planning to buy a 2nd hand car then do you think it will affect prices? 

24 Aug 2012
ashleysweet44 prob not a lot of changes for consumers, its to protect us but the ones like dealers and car loan financing need to be careful
5 Oct 2012
BenjiTan Quote:
"Formerly posted by ashleysweet44:
prob not a lot of changes for consumers, its to protect us but the ones like dealers and car loan financing need to be careful"

read this article on ST yst...
16 Oct 2012
Anybody knows what's the best petrol discount credit card in town?

28 Aug 2012
Evan Most about the same -10+%. I usually go with Everyday Card with SPC 17% rebate or UOB with Shell, 5% rebate plus shell escape perks and further rebates.
28 Aug 2012
ashleysweet44 i use uob card as well, i think not much of a diff really, depends more on which petrol brand you patronize then choose the card that has the best perks for it. 
5 Oct 2012
Toyota recalls 550,000 vehicles globally over crankshaft fault

Toyota Motor said on Wednesday it will recall about 550,000 vehicles globally, including Lexus models, because of a potentially faul...

9 Nov 2011
ashleysweet44 oh man, hope they have rectified the problem. lucky i dont drive a toyota
26 Sep 2012
Hello all. Just wondering if any Malaysians here who recently did a license conversion to Singapore license. On the TP website says we need "an extract from Jabatan Pengangutan Jalan (JPJ) is compu...

19 Jul 2008
Crossing the Finish Line

It has been a whirlwind of adventure for the Singapore team in the recently concluded The Amazing Race Asia Season 4. The youngest team to have joined The Amazing Race As...

8 Feb 2011
ashleysweet44 woah, i wonder if the amazing race is coming back to singapore anytime soon! we need more good shows like this
19 Sep 2012

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18 Sep 2012
5 Oct 2012