Volkswagen Beetle 1.2 TSI (A)

The iconic Beetle is reincarnated once again, this time with less flower power. Does the Bug still have that appeal? Raymond Lai finds out.

24 Jul 2012
JonathanTan Quote:
"Formerly posted by Anonymous: Love the interior, exterior looks a bit plain without the rear spoiler."

I guess when the VK Beetle Cabrio or 2.0L speedster makes its appearance, it'll be coo...
25 Jul 2012
WD45 The it's back campaign literally focused on the the new Beetle's backside. looks sleeker, more neat in my opinion.
25 Jul 2012
edlaz Every time a "contemporary" Beetle comes up as a topic, I am reminded of the scene from the movie Fight Club. Here is food for thought.

"During rehearsals, Brad Pitt and Edward Norton found out ...
5 Aug 2012
Franky No doubt that volks can make a good beetle car like this one, i read some good reviews about it and all of them are positive insights, for me i would also like to say some positive comments. I went...
25 Sep 2012

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25 Sep 2012
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