SG: London Cabs plagued by mechanical issues

SMRT’s newest fleet of London Cabs have experience a wide array of mechanical failures and breakdowns that is causing inconvenience to the wheelchair-...

4 May 2013
Wombat_VC Ah! Geely. Would rather buy a Proton or Perodua instead.
6 May 2013
Fndsgp London Cabs? Should have named it Zhejiang Cabs.
7 May 2013
SG: 2 injured after 4 car pileup

2 were injured after 4 vehicles collided with each other on Sunday night. A driver in his 60s has been arrested on suspicion of drink driving. The accident, which...

6 May 2013
Fndsgp Can we take personal legal action against those drunk drivers?
7 May 2013
SG: VW to recall cars over gearbox issues from tomorrow.

Volkswagens fitted with the popular but unreliable seven-speed double-clutch gearbox, more commonly known as DSG, would be recalled starti...

30 Apr 2013
Fndsgp Inferior quality of parts used?

So now it's more of 'software' problem?
7 May 2013

I would strongly advised against buying any cars from Jack Cars!!! I have a terrible experience with them. Before buying a car from them, they will assure you of providing good support and ...
14 May 2013
Looking to get spotted by us?
Well, you could play your part by making it a whole lot easier for us. 

We have compiled a couple of photos that will show you the exact places that we will be lookin...

18 Jan 2013
johnbenedict Yes we welcome motorbikes as well! Please go ahead and take part.
23 Jan 2013
Fndsgp Hi! I've actually sent twice requesting the car decal. Any chance getting one soon?
21 Feb 2013
Fndsgp Hi! I've actually sent twice requesting the car decal. Any chance getting one soon.
21 Feb 2013
johnbenedict Hi Fendy,

Thank you for your message.

Apologies for the long wait. We had to reorder a new batch of decals because we ran out.

Now that the order has arrived, I have personally made sure...
21 Feb 2013
kevinkkm Hi! like Fendy I've actually sent twice requesting the car decal. Any chance getting one soon.

Thanks and best regards,
25 Feb 2013
johnbenedict Hi Kevin,

Thanks for letting us know! We will send one to you immediately.

Apologies for the long wait.

Best Regards
26 Feb 2013
drkedge Hi John, I have yet to receive the new car decal too although my request submission have been weeks ago. Please advise thanks!
26 Feb 2013
johnbenedict Hi drkegde,

Its on its way! Apologies for the long wait.

1 Mar 2013
Edwin1406 Hi john, I too requested for the car decal very much earlier but it never came... care to check?
5 Apr 2013
johnbenedict Hi Edwin,

Would it be possible to send me your details to my email: so that I may verify your posting address?

I will just need your full name and email address.

17 Apr 2013

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