Comparo - Volkswagen Passat TSI 1.4 (A), Peugeot 508 Turbo 1.6 (A)

Just when you thought it cannot go any smaller, Volkswagen came along with a talented, small-hearted Passat. But the French 508 ...

27 Nov 2012
Anonymous Is the front ventilation with hot or cold air as the control switches settings were spotted in red colour? For Singapore climate, cold air would be preferred.
1 Dec 2012
Anonymous I mean the Front ventilation seats.
1 Dec 2012
azfar Unfortunately those are seat warmers... Which we reckon can only be used on very cold days or when driving around the M\'sian highlands.
1 Dec 2012
Anonymous The Passat does have proper ventilated seats though.
2 Dec 2012
tuan-chiang The 508SW will be an alternative if you need more accessible boot space. Whatever you can find in the allure plus variant of 508, it has it and more. The panaromic moonroof from front row to back ...
7 Dec 2012

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30 Nov 2012
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