hi guys,
can note down ur knowledge here on how to increase the performance of engine of a mitsubishi lancer glx..

10 Mar 2013
Evan Few easy ways - change to 15" light weight wheels, change air filter to the metal/fabric types, and finally a ram air intake. Go open pod filter if you want to improve top end.
13 Mar 2013
Hi all,

I just got the STA report for a car I am going to purchase and i got a C for Bodywork/Floorboard. Any advice? The rest is all A and B. Overall is B.

Thanks to all!

31 Mar 2009

the paintwork, it looks fine to me, I really scrutinized it closely with my friends. traffic school
19 Oct 2013
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22 Oct 2013
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3 Feb 2014

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19 Jan 2013
10 Mar 2013

new driver on the road....rnvroom..:)