SG: Tougher to be today’s cabbies

Cab Drivers have it harder compared to counterparts from yesteryears. Getting a licence and knowing the roads are one thing, upgrading their skills and expanding...

2 Aug 2013
LeonardChew Yes it is tougher, but still not as tough as being a cab driver in London. To get there, they have to first possess a motorbike license so that they can spend hours riding through and learning the ...
2 Aug 2013
SG: Changi Motorsports Hub Project axed

The Singapore Sports Council has comfirmed that it will not carry on with the re-tender for the Changi Motorsports Hub site. The project has been axed afte...

12 Jun 2013
LeonardChew Like many other motorsports fans, I'm disappointed with this decision. It's a lost opportunity. Perhaps the government had an eye on costs if it were to step in to co-fund the project, but I always...
12 Jun 2013
You are absolutely correct short land lease is one of the major factor in the developers' bid.
sip trunking
12 Jun 2013
Showroom traffic takes a hit as buyers stay away

In the first weekend following the introduction of the cooling measures on the local car market, car dealers have observed a decrease in showroom ...

3 Mar 2013
Anonymous I guess we buyers have to take a wait and see approach. It is important to note that prices will definitely come down. But by how much? This still remains to be seen. The affordability of the car w...
5 Mar 2013
snaptreats See and wait! no point going in now. COE and prices have yet to come down much and will do so in the months to come!
21 Apr 2013
Understanding what causes accidents

Motor-vehicle accidents have been making the headlines rather frequently in the past month, with the serious accident involving a lorry and a car along the PIE...

21 Mar 2013
Wombat_VC Speed does not kill. Driving in a manner unsuitable for the condition, be it the environment, road or the driver's ability to control the car in that condition, kills.
29 Mar 2013
Fall in COE prices: What it means

Most of us might have speculated that COE prices would take a tumble after the new financial measures were introduced, but the outcome of the latest bidding exer...

13 Mar 2013
Evan "So, while the Government has achieved its secondary goal of bringing down COE prices to lower economic inflation, the results of this exercise has also confirmed one of the worst fears for many lo...
13 Mar 2013
Anonymous let's face it: cars here ARE for the rich; they are not meant to be "affordable" to everyone, considering that a Civic costs half an HDB flat
14 Mar 2013
Anonymous Thumbs up! For the recent Govt measures on car ownerships! In SG, all has equal chances to make their own living, owning a car will give a new sense of achievement to those who worked smart & hard ...
15 Mar 2013
Car dreams going up in smoke?

First, it was the high COE prices. Now, it’s the 50 per cent loan cap and higher ARF. Having one’s own set of wheels may well be a dream too far for many. Especially...

6 Mar 2013
Anonymous My dreams of owning a car went up in smoke a long time ago even before the recent announcements. It is just too difficult for a family that is starting out.
11 Mar 2013
Evan Hi Anonymous, your dealer could have called you during the day of the regulation. Many back-dated their purchases to evade the new regulation...

On the flip side, you could wait out and see if the...
13 Mar 2013
New initiatives for safer roads

The Second Minister for Home Affairs, S. Iswaran, has announced several new initiatives to improve safety on the roads through increased enforcement and education ...

10 Mar 2013
edlaz I think more can be done to increase passive safety systems on roads and on training new drivers. Focusing on penalties and disincentives is only one way at looking at the problem. Perhaps we can l...
11 Mar 2013
LeonardChew I agree with you. Accidents are caused by three main factors: the driver, the environment and the vehicle. Improving road designs to minimize accident 'black spots' would help, and so will technolo...
13 Mar 2013
Evan I agree with both of you. The education has to start with at least during the basic theory curriculum. There are issues like giving cyclists/pedestrian space and slowing down at the school zones is...
13 Mar 2013
Budget 2013: Updates

Following calls from several Members of Parliament (MPs) to review the recently-introduced curbs on car loans, the Government has reacted by launching several initiatives to ...

9 Mar 2013
porker911 Seems like at least the government appears to have some 'heart' to let those that really need a vehicle get one.
13 Mar 2013
On F1 2013, engines and local motorsports

As we gear up for the start of the new Formula One season this weekend, I would like to focus my attention on the hearts of the machines. 2013 has an add...

13 Mar 2013
Budget 2013 Aftermath

Many expected that the Government would announce changes to the COE system, following a wave of public feedback and assertions by several Members of Parliament that it was u...

28 Feb 2013
Anonymous Why did the Government not wait until a General Election to roll out this drastic measure and see how voters respond???
2 Mar 2013
Anonymous Announcing this new measure at such a crucial period will be risky for them.
4 Mar 2013
Kamille Can't help thinking that they used this ARF to reduced the number of cars on the road since they can't scrap or alter COE system. In theory, higher ARF also means higher de-reg value, so the rich s...
5 Mar 2013
SCDF developing simulator to improve response to accidents

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) is exploring the possibility of using a training simulator to enhance response to road accident...

3 Mar 2013
The good, bad and ugly of in-car video recorders

Of late, the benefits of installing an in-car digital video recorder (DVR) have been underlined, given a spate of high-profile incidents captured ...

26 Feb 2013
The Renault Fluence gets a makeover for 2013

Renault’s family sedan has been given a makeover, three years after it was originally launched. First unveiled at last year’s Istanbul Motor Show, the...

25 Feb 2013

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