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"MINI Chameleon will make Asian debut in Singapore in June; car changes colour based on weather conditions...

1 Apr 2009
sgfiat So what do you put down as the colour of the car? "It depends"? lol
1 Apr 2009
Evan Log card might be a problem!
1 Apr 2009
azfar Probably for the first time, LTA will put "colour-colour" in the log card. hurhur!
1 Apr 2009
Quaigon If you ask your friends to put their cold hands, legs, butts or whatever on this car, you could create new designs everyday....
1 Apr 2009
steven_VW I have seen colour "changing" paint work on two Mercedes and a Malaysian registered Proton Wira before, it changes from green to brown to pink.... viewing from different angle under sunlight... qui...
1 Apr 2009
CRaVers Club You mean you guys didn't figure out this is an April Fool's joke?
1 Apr 2009
joetheman this would be very cool. too bad "Payola Forlids" is an anagram for "april fools day".
2 Apr 2009
Contrary to popular belief, the engine must be BROKEN-IN properly during the 1st 1000km to ensure proper running during its lifespan. This may be a bit controversial, as your owners' manual will n...

29 Apr 2005

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