Toyota Vios 1.5 (A)

Our main wheelman takes Toyota's latest generation compact sedan to get an impression. 

15 Jul 2013
Anonymous I seriously don't think that this car is using a 1.6l engine or is turbocharged as reflected under the "engine" section.
17 Jul 2013
Anonymous I think it "should" be turbocharged like the Vios turbo in Thailand.
17 Jul 2013
lml1616 Can any1 recommend a good 
loan in Singapore to take as I need to buy a car without much downpayment ?
18 Jul 2013
Evan Hi Lm1616, unfortunately the MAS regulation is still in effect. I suggest we wait out to see if there are any further changes.
19 Jul 2013
Anonymous Are you sure with the 15.4km/liter?
I drove my new vios 2013 1.5 G A/T in the high way (NLEX), and i got only 11.7km/l, and my speed ranges from 80 to 100kph only, with rpm not more than 2500.
23 Sep 2013

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14 Jul 2013
18 Jul 2013