Audi S3 Sportback 2.0 (A)

Audi’s only hot hatch gains a couple of doors and clutches, loses a foot pedal and costs cheaper – sounds like a tempting perspective to me.

25 Nov 2009
ifconfig nice...
25 Nov 2009
thespark Whats the price?
26 Nov 2009
tomcat the center red console radion makes it a Tad "skoda-ish", bargain basement then up market Audi.

It's also very "beng-ish" in look. No doubt theres goin to be a huge second hand market from the ...
29 Nov 2009
gabrielqchan looks like almost a better buy than the cabrio! darn!
9 Dec 2009
Local News: New Hyundai Tucson launched

Komoco has launched the second iteration of Hyundai's popular compact SUV, the Tucson.

Five years after the launch of the original model, the new gen car ...

14 Nov 2009
mobileFX The interior built quality is a quantum leap from the current previous model.
15 Nov 2009
gabrielqchan looks good on the outside too... can consider as second car!
17 Nov 2009
ifconfig saw it @ korea. the new sonata is also very nice, with a hint of audi leds lights.
24 Nov 2009
Audi S5 Cabriolet 3.0 (A)

The Audi S5 gets a new engine and loses its roof. Is the Cabriolet version every bit as good as its fixed roof cousin?

9 Nov 2009
gabrielqchan The other hard top convertible that can retract roof on the move that i know of is Opel Astra CC.. but the whole car shakes a lot. Have already seen 5 A5/S5 cabrio since launch a month back, defini...
10 Nov 2009
Peugeot 308CC 1.6 (A)

The successor to the Peugeot 307CC is yet another new coupe-cabriolet model out there.

23 Oct 2009
gabrielqchan How much is pricey? And the verdict looks incomplete?
27 Oct 2009
psyiche It looks more proportionate, having lost some weight, but would definitely benefit more if even more can be lost...
It will be a better ride if the drive train was not so dated (only 4 cogs).
2 Nov 2009
UK: The new BMW X1

BMW is poised to introduce the next derivative of the X model line-up with the X1.

The new BMW X1 takes its key styling cues and practicality from the X5 but shrinks it into a...

3 Jul 2009
LMLP640 OK look better then the usual cars they design
4 Jul 2009
gabrielqchan wonder how small is it compared to the X3, might look like a hatch on steroids?
8 Jul 2009
Road Test - Opel Astra TwinTop 1.8 (A)

"Another day, another topless", you say? Well, we can't agree more. There's no doubt this "coupe + convertible" has been in our market for quite some time, ...

3 Jul 2009
gabrielqchan good looking car overall, nicer on the outside than inside. tested it and i agree the roof rattles, and if i remember correctly, there were exposed bits on the roof folding mechanism along the wind...
8 Jul 2009
rafflesdude This is a great car. there is no such issue of rattling as per claimed by some jealous readers.
1 Sep 2009
Feature Road Test - Audi A3 Cabriolet TFSI 1.8 (A)

The new A3 Cabriolet was stylishly launched at the Audi Fashion Festival 2009, but in a funny twist, been getting mixed reviews in the local pre...

27 Jun 2009
gabrielqchan Ok, I spent 1/ 1/2 years looking for a brand new cab (got a Beetle cab in between) and finally decided on this baby 9 months before it was launched here! So I essentially bought this car without se...
30 Jun 2009
Further efficient engines added to the Audi A3 range

With its new 1.6 TDI engines, Audi demonstrates once again that driving pleasure and efficiency are not mutually exclusive.

With consumption ...

4 Jun 2009
gabrielqchan Such a pity we don't get TDi cars here in Singapore....
4 Jun 2009
LMLP640 Man! Give us the right to own such a car here please!
4 Jun 2009
Road Test - Volkswagen Scirocco TSI 2.0 (A)

We've tested it in Portugal last year, but here on local roads, how will the Scirocco live up to expectations? Can it make hot-hatch fans ditch their c...

22 May 2009
rx178re01 Hmmm wonder how the "R" version will turn out???
22 May 2009
azfar that one looks potent in pictures...
22 May 2009
kkchai Love the outlook... feel like mini-R8
22 May 2009
gabrielqchan darn, didnt know it was headed this way... would've love to add this to my consideration list!
28 May 2009
The new Audi A3 Cabriolet arrives in Singapore

Open-top fun in the premium compact class.

Conceived as the prestige model in the compact class, the Audi A3 Cabriolet is poised to turn heads at t...

7 May 2009
gabrielqchan I've waited 9 months, it better be good! haha!
12 May 2009
torrid94 u gonna get it??
18 May 2009

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