Hi all,

Heard about using such cloths for car cleaning? Any idea where to get and what brands are good?


24 Feb 2005
akira If u go Stamford tyres, can get this brand called 'Fibershine'. Colleague is using now, cost $16.80
25 Feb 2005
TypeR Thanks, will try it.
1 Mar 2005
akira Shine shine shine
2 Mar 2005
Difflam And i thought they can prevent scratches...
9 Mar 2005
akira They do. Well, but the main objective is to use them for drying or polishing. Cloths are not suppose to leave scratches, but i guess there must be lots of cloths which leave swirl marks, can't clea...
9 Mar 2005
discoburg I prefer to use geunine chamois cloth to dry my ride. I also use the fibreshine to apply and buff off the wax.

25 Dec 2005
Achilles I've bought two types of clothes for car detailing....not so much of cleaning. For washing, you can either use a sponge or mits.

For drying you can use those high absorption chamios or big piece...
30 Jan 2006
zeefauna I've got some spare new MF towels to sell off. I've got it from the States as it's not found locally.

These towels i'm talking about is Meguiar's Supreme Shine Microfiber Towels and it comes in ...
28 Apr 2006
For I.C.E. enthusiasts, here's a nice write up on available gadgets for your stereo


29 Mar 2005
Vai Is there a good way to hook up iPod while retaining fidelity? I think the FM transmitter will not do it.
29 Mar 2005
TypeR I saw one guy who plugged it into his pre-amp, which can be tuned to bring up whatever is lacking in a under-powered mp3 player. That will def solve any fidelity issue, albeit, with good tuning, an...
30 Mar 2005
Vai Thanks, I think the aux in will be a requirement if I want to shop for a head unit.
4 Apr 2005
Hi all,


It is a Car Park Rally as well as a "Dress up car competition". This is done by Dream Cars Asia as well as Nokia.

Dreamcars SuperSpecial Rally 2005.
Round 1 - Sunday 27 ...

29 Mar 2005
TypeR Oh, of cos, u guys only want to see race queens :p

29 Mar 2005
29 Mar 2005
Do you guys buy the official reason for scaling down the speeds of the cars? Safety? or just a plain excuse for holding back Ferrari...

IMHO F1 cars should be faster still, to push the drivers ...

9 Mar 2005
Evan I super busy lately... what are the new rules btw?
10 Mar 2005
wandie Key changes are:

- Changing an engine that has been in less than 2 races = 10 spot penalty on the start grid unless you DNF.

- No change of tire choices after initial selection. No change of ...
10 Mar 2005
akira Confused with the "no-tyre change" rule. If they pit, they can change tyre, but not refuel? Can they pit more than once just for tyres?
11 Mar 2005
Evan well well, what do you know..

Toyota's first ever podium finish with the ferraris way behind.. All hail the new rules!

21 Mar 2005
TypeR Did you see how badly worn the tyres were after the race, or in the last few laps? My god, really scary... F1 trying to save $$ for the teams :p
21 Mar 2005
Fast wheels for cops

"March 18, 2005

Observers say WRX is hottest contender as police check out new patrol cars


18 Mar 2005
TypeR Omigod... it's finally happening! WRX as police cars! Licence to Speed!
18 Mar 2005
Difflam You think the turbo in the WRX will overheat due to its long hour petrols on the road or highways? Offenders with N.A cars will get away!
18 Mar 2005
TypeR Wonder if they'll soup up the WRX too... Their current volvos arent slow pickups... in fact, can be just as torquey. For the T5s running ard, these are already turbo-charged, and prob suffering les...
21 Mar 2005
Some info for all who are not familiar with when going up north...

Road Signs
Road signs are in Malay. An understanding of some key words will come in handy.

Utara - North
Selatan - So...

19 Jan 2005
TypeR Some tips for Driving across the causeway
Compiled by Danny Er (onemotoring.com.sg)
(Source: AAS- the Automobile Association of Singapore)

Pre-trip Preparation

If y...
14 Mar 2005
lightfinger Very useful bro!
31 Mar 2005
akira Bro, u shld share yr own tips too, keke
1 Apr 2005
lightfinger Haha, I know little abt Msia, just "TANDAS" for urgent release of my nitrous!
8 Jul 2005

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