Due out by year end elsewhere, I think it's awesome, 2.0L and 320bhp,

Even with its Alfa Romeo-like LED taillights.

And Would the 2008 WRX be in trouble if err..just look at it..


29 Apr 2007
benedict1987 Wow. So many different tunes for Rex STIs.
Nice link. Damn cool!
30 Apr 2007
surfers Looks like Subaru will have another new face lift very soon.
21 Jul 2007
kkchai This design is the one coming to Singapore by end of the year. We only can get the 5 door H/B compare to US getting both sedan and H/B. Market as 1.5 DOHC Single AVCS. Expected to have auto but may...
22 Jul 2007
surfers The new design for Subaru is really ugly. Probably end up to be the shortest lived model for the Impreza model.
22 Jul 2007
kkchai To me the design is more soft compared to the Lancer. This their design philosophy. Still it looks better than the current. Different people have different taste, just majority lies on normal distr...
22 Jul 2007
sumo Pictures only say so much. I'm sure once the cars are out, impressions will change. The Evo looks good. Period. The Impreza initially looks BAD, but the lines look more refined than the current mod...
23 Jul 2007
kkchai Picture tell a thousand words. So even the new Lancer can seen how well, so Evo X sure will be huge.

Anyway like you said, Subaru design is far better than current.
23 Jul 2007
Skye Yeah, I remember the "bug-eyed" WRX design being very controversial. Personally think it kind of grows on you and has its own "character".
23 Jul 2007
kkchai Actually I have no idea why the buy eyed got problem with people. Personally I kind like the design of the eye...

Lancer have a eye of tiger/ now shark....
25 Jul 2007
carinsurancelobang Hi all,

Our dealer will be bringing in this car shortly. Will keep u guys informed. Currently extremly busy with the bookings of the new lancer 1.5 / 2 / GT model

26 Jul 2007
Chanced upon the new Lancer X that's to hit Singaporean streets. Take a look see! Pardon the quality of the shots, they are taken thru a fence, spyshot style!

10 Jun 2007

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